With deep roots in Los Angeles, an expert professional staff, and more than a century of experience in philanthropic causes, CCF offers unparalleled resources to enable donors to make profound and powerful impacts on the world. DonorConnect allows donors to explore their interests, the Los Angeles region and beyond, and the range of what CCF has to offer. It also better empowers you to make sure you get the most from our Donor Relations team.

What is DonorConnect?

DonorConnectDonorConnect is CCF’s online philanthropic resource center, offering a variety of tools to help you learn and grow. CCF donors already know DonorConnect as a place to check your balance of funds, view your investment performance, submit grant recommendations, and get records of prior grantees.

With newly upgraded functionality, DonorConnect can now help you do so much more. It can provide a list of social justice-oriented organizations in greater LA. It can offer guidance about how to write a mission statement or what to know about joining a non-profit board. You can find an expert on effective ways to address homelessness or identify a great event to meet fellow donors who share your passion for education.

Above all, it allows you learn and explore at your own pace, in your own way. Some who are just entering the world of philanthropy may want to browse around and get a lay of the land. Others will already know what their areas of interest and can start drilling down into hard data and the latest studies.

It will allow you to make better use of our expert staff, asking more pointed questions, knowing what meetings or site visits you want us to set up, or the kind of networking opportunities you’re seeking, or even which of our attorneys and advisors you’d like to converse with.

Why DonorConnect?

Becoming a donor is a process, a journey of growth, exploration and self-discovery. DonorConnect is meant to help donors along that journey with inspiration and community.

CCF’s staff has a long history of offering high-touch individualized services to our donors, but we have also found that the best donor is an empowered donor. DonorConnect puts a world of possibility at your fingertips, available to you day or night, for whenever curiosity or insight strikes.

Please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or the Donor Relations Team at donorrelations@calfund.org  if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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