Reflections from our CFO Steven J. Cobb

For nearly 20 years, Antonia Hernández led CCF. As her retirement drew near, we reflected on her remarkable tenure, characterized by financial stewardship and transformative accomplishments. With unwavering dedication and visionary leadership, she left an indelible mark on the organization, its mission, and the countless lives it touched.

Antonia’s dedication to financial stewardship extended to a commitment to transparency and accountability.
Under her leadership, CCF adopted rigorous financial management practices, ensuring that every dollar entrusted to the foundation was used effectively and efficiently. This earned CCF a sterling reputation among donors, partners, and the community at large—solidifying its status as a trusted philanthropic institution.

Her financial acumen not only resulted in increased resources for CCF but also enabled the foundation to respond swiftly to crises, including natural disasters and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Antonia’s leadership during these times of adversity demonstrated her resilience and commitment to serving the community.

Beyond the balance sheets and endowments, her legacy extended to Los Angeles County and its residents. She championed initiatives that addressed systemic issues, ensuring that underserved and marginalized communities received the support they deserved. Her visionary leadership played a pivotal role in channeling funds toward initiatives related to education, healthcare, affordable housing, and more—directly impacting the lives of Los Angeles County residents.

As Antonia begins her next chapter, CCF’s financial health and its capacity to make a difference in Los Angeles County will be celebrated for years to come. Her legacy serves as a shining example of how financial diligence and a deep commitment to community can transform lives and make our world a better place. We thank her for her unwavering dedication and wish her a next chapter filled with the same grace and wisdom that characterized her remarkable career.

Steven J. Cobb Chief Financial Officer