Sartori Circle

* The Sartori Circle are donors of testamentary gifts who, like CCF founder Joseph Sartori, will use their legacy to improve the lives of others well into the future.

Dr. Arnold R. Abrams
Kathy Adams
Marlene Altman
Raffy Ardhaldjian
Diana and Daniel Attias
Victoria Barbour
Stanley Behrens
Noel Bell
Donald and Penny Bentley
Joanne Berlin
Bruce Allen and Lizabeth Anne Boulware
Dr. Jane L. Brackman
Ann R. Britt
William O. Brothers
Mary Burchill
Janine and Jeff Bush
Gaius Cammilleri
Blair Carty
Peter and Rosemary Casey
Larry P. Clemmensen
Janice P. and Don A. Cosby
Mary Courtney
Charlotte and Thomas Crocker
Philip G. Davis
Jeffrey Dickson
Jeff Dritley
Mr. Martin W. Early
Linda and Robert Edwards
Harriet and Frederick Eilber
Maude & Richard Ferry
Dr. Alan Jeffrey Fisher
William and Tricia Flumenbaum
Carol and John Fox

Douglas and Lynn Freeman
Elizabeth Gandy
Obren B. Gerich
Henry and Jane Goichman

Elizabeth V. Gordon
Jane Gottlieb and David Obst
Barry Greenberg
Robert and Heidi Greenwald
Ken Gregorio
Wendy Grossman
Loretta and Thomas Hanson
Dr. B.J. Hawkins
Ruth Hillecke
Richard Hillman
Alex K. Ho
Karen J. Irving
Michael W. Irving
Deborah Ives
Elaine Jerome
Abigail Jones and Jeffrey Mandell
Sharon Keith
Jeri C. Kennedy and Philip S. Kennedy
Eric and Adrienne Kentor
Karen W. King
Marla B. Koosed
Allan D. Kotin and Muriel Kotin
Cecilia Barajas and Mitchell H. Lasky
Evelyn Leverhant-Simeon
Yvonne & William Liu
William Luther
Ian Marsh
Anna Maria and Kevin P. McGuan
Janice Lee-McMahon and Brian McMahon
Thomas Merrill
Dick Metz
Raphael Metzger
Haydee and Carlos A. Mollura
Kinuyo K. Mori
Apryll M. Nakamura
John N. Neufeld

Michael E. and Dale Nissenson
Rose S. Norton
Gordon and Rosie Ornelas Olson
Booker Pearson
Edward R. Petko
Miljenko V. Pilepich
Brenda R. Potter
Dennis C. and Suzanne M. Poulsen
Beverle & George Ray
Mary E. Reiter
Cassandra Stajduhar
Drue M. Roberts
Edy Rose-Berens
Martin and Bernice Rosenzweig
Dr. Richard S. Ross
Elizabeth L. Samson
Jay and Linda Sandrich
Jane Schore
Cathleen S. and Barry R. Sedlik
Robert and Jeanne Segal
Linda A. Shestock
Jonathan P. Sklar
Martha R. Sklar
Mountfort H. Smith and Lynda Smith
Wuzzy Spaulding
Lisa Spinali
Lauren Steiner
Stone Family Trust
Paul and Kathleen Sundmark
Jill Switzer
Fay and Robert J. Taragan
Christina V. Coyle and Mark Thomas
Maria & Javier Uribe
Thomas J. Whalley
Thomas D. Wilson
Joy Winter
Janet Zarem

* Names in bold represent the newest members

Centennial Legacy Society

The Centennial Legacy Society are donors who honored the 100th anniversary of CCF through a testamentary gift for the benefit of future Los Angeles communities.

Sandra K. Anderson Project
Arthur and Penny Antolick
Alan Arkatov & Mary Leslie
Barbara Arlow
Gwendolyn Baba
Nichole D. Baker
Gloria Balcom & Gary Stadtmiller Family Fund
Norma Barragan
Diane and Jim Berliner
Ken and Diane Bishop
Leah Bishop and Gary Yale
Jean Bixby Smith
Suzanne Bonafede
Carol Bradford Worley
Louise H. Bryson
Janet & George Buckley
R. Steven Kruse & Nell Cady-Kruse
Randy and Lorene Chandler
Derrick O. Chinn
Raissa and Bill Choi
Don Cohen
Patricia and Ira Cohen
Joseph A. Cristina HIV/AIDS 
Children’s Fund by Mattel
Jessica Croxton
Vera de Vera
Thomas P. & Mary S. DeMund
Craig Ehrlich
The Merry Elkins Sunshine Fund
Robert and Jane Ettinger

Peter Michael Fleming
Harold and Eleanore Foonberg
Michael Freehling and Farida Fotouhi
Dennis and Susi Gertmenian
Mel Guzman
Frank and Patricia Hall
The Honorable Dean Hansell
Antonia Hernández & Michael L. Stern
Eva Ho
Ambassador and Mrs. Glen Holden
Dr. Gary N. Holland
Dr. Richard Horton and Mrs. Marjy Horton
Nike Irvin
John A. Jackson
Victoria Martin and Preston Johnson
Tammy and Belma Michael Johnson
The Doug Jones and John Sanger 
Theater Ticket Fund of Greater Los Angeles
Michael Corey and Jolisa Jones-Corey
Robert L. and June Isaacson Kailes
Jonathan and Nancy Kaye
Scott N. Kivel and Lia Lund
Barbara Klein
Ashley and Matt Kline
John and Sarah Kobara Family
David H. Kobrin
Sarah Korda
Joanne Corday Kozberg
Jeffrey and Mona Leites 
Endowment Foundation
Samuel J. Losh
Joe and Denise Lumarda
Lundy Family Foundation
The Edie and George Manet Fund
Patrick D. Garvey and Geneva P. Martin
Linda Puls McGuire

Terrence P. McGuire
Barbara P. Meyer
Patti Neuwirth
Mahnaz & David Newman
Nancy Dale Nieman Ph.D
Charles and Peggy Norris
Mr. John Oden and Dr. Mark Dizik
Henry Hyungjong Rhee
David A. Peters
The Pipkin Family
Philip and Zuzka Polishook
Joel Safranek
Paul Schulz and Jessica Cushman
Jack Shakely
Elvira Silva
Simeon Slovacek and Camille Slovacek
Peggy A. Smith in Memory of Marge Smith
Richard and Nancy Spelke
Shelly Spiegel-Coleman
Christine Splichal
Melanie and Tom Staggs
Cam & Peter Starrett
William Strickland
John and Sheila Suarez
Stuart Tobisman
Richard and Cynthia Troop
Catherine and Leonard Unger
Tom and Janet Unterman
Ronald Vera & Christina Vega Vera
James H. Walker and 
Terri Y. Fukamaki-Walker
The Hanley Foundation
John Weldon
James and Sharon Williams
Derrick & Amelia Williamson
Dr. Vladimir Zelman, MD


Angel City – Player 22 Fund
Angel City Fund
Angel City Chorale Investment Fund
The Robert A. and Linda J. Balkin Educational Foundation
Barrios-Feldman Fund
BEK Foundation
Brian Goldner Storytelling
Betty & Charles Campbell Scholarship Fund
Carlos Family Foundation
Caves Giving Fund
CFF Fund
Shirley Takaki Chami Fund
Community Economic Resilience Fund
Anna Cox Health Freedom Fund
June Johnson Dickson Charitable Fund
Ferrell Family Scholarship
Flumenbaum Family Fund
Foos Family Fund
Funders for Intensive Case Management Services
Good Deeds Donor Advised Fund
Thomas Frederick Grose Fund
ILC Endowment
Immigrants are Essential Fund

Joan M. Reitzel Scholarship Endowment
Kaiser Permanente National Community Health Fund
Kirchgessner Vision Foundation
Kollab Youth Fund
Konheim Endowment Fund
LA Governance Reform Project
Leslie Orticke Memorial Scholarship for Transfer Students
Bobby Ludeman Foundation
Monterey Park Community Healing Fund
Zach Moore Fund
NSBE Bruin Alumni Scholarship
OUR LA (Organize Unite Reform LA)
The Ruby & Hart Foundation
Michael and Laurie Schur Family Foundation
Sam Simon Charitable Giving Fund
Trauma Prevention Partnership
Robert Pennell Walker III Memorial Scholarship Fund
Warren Christopher Scholars Hardship Fund
Wells Fargo Racial Equity Fund
West Coast Ensemble Theater
Suzanne Whitman Fund
Wieman Trust