Miguel A. Santana

With deep gratitude, I am sharing with you California Community Foundation’s (CCF) 2022–2023 Annual Report. In partnership with donors and the community, CCF granted $359 million in fiscal year 2022-2023, supporting nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County and beyond. This year, we celebrate the remarkable legacy of the incomparable Antonia Hernández and the enduring contributions she made to CCF and the region. We also pay tribute to the memory of the late Gloria Molina, CCF’s Board Chair and a prominent leader in L.A.’s civic community. Both extraordinary women left an indelible mark on Los Angeles, and on me personally. I keep this photograph of the three of us in my office as a reminder of the shoulders upon which I stand.

As a young father and recent college graduate, my first job in the civic community was working at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund under the leadership of Antonia. At that time, having been deeply affected by the civil unrest of 1992, I had committed myself to a career in public service. Antonia, already a legend, spearheaded some of Southern California’s most significant civil rights litigation and advocacy that advanced equity and political representation. I would eventually have the honor of calling Antonia my friend and mentor. She is someone I admire, look up to, and can count on for advice. Since assuming the role of CEO, my admiration for Antonia has only deepened. Managing a large organization like CCF is no small feat. What Antonia accomplished is a magnitude of impact most of us can only dream of—reaching a nearly five-fold increase in assets during her tenure and more than $3.4 billion in grantmaking. It is a point of personal and professional privilege to witness firsthand how her work continues to benefit the communities we serve and love.

Supervisor Gloria Molina, like Antonia, was another powerhouse. She was passionate, tenacious and unwavering in her commitment to create opportunity for Angelenos—no matter the cost and especially for the most marginalized. I had the priviledge of working with her for 16 years.

Both leaders instilled in me the values of perseverance, leading with excellence, and the importance of measuring success by the impact and benefits we bring to the community. As I seek to build upon this solid foundation and ensure that CCF leads the civic agenda in Los Angeles, I will always hold close to these lessons and the memory of the incredible leaders who taught them to me. CCF, our community, and I owe Antonia and Gloria our respect and deepest gratitude.

Miguel A. Santana
President and Chief Executive Officer (2023 – Present)