New Funds

Angel City Fund
Asrat Foundation
The Michelle Avan Legacy Fund
Avery-Stead Family Fund
Battle Studios Community Project
Behrens Health Institute
The Bishop-Yale Legacy Fund
BRA Hope For Homes Fellowship Fund
The Ceres Foundation Fund
Chado North America Program Fund
Chocolate Chip Charity
Community Opportunities Fund
Craig Foundation
D&A Fund
Digital Equity Fund
The Elbaz Family Fund
Espinola-Ohara Fund
Festivus Fund
Forever Foundation
Fraijo Family Foundation
Frey Greenwald Family Fund

Funders for a Healthier California for All

Elizabeth Gamsin Charitable Account
Philip M. Gonzalez Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Morris and Shila Hazan
Charitable Fund
Rosalyn R. Shostak Heyman Fund

Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Kido
Endowment Fund
The Hillman Family Foundation
Horwitz Family Foundation
J & B Charitable Fund
J. Sander and P. White
Endowment for Joe Goode
Performance Group
JennsMenn Foundation — In Memory of a Decent Human

Johnson Family Charitable Fund
The Lopez Family Fund
Susan and Scott Lord Foundation

Los Angeles Dodgers
Foundation Legacy

Josefina Tanco Lumarda and
Teodulo Lumarda Scholarship Fund

Cynthia Nathanson Rust
Daniel Nathanson Fund
Thomas Nathanson Fund
Noureldin Family Fund
Oubre Family Foundation
The Penguin Colony Fund
Jeff Platt Fund
Robert Catchings Platt Fund

Powerful Innovations for
Voter Organizing and
Transformation Fund

Quattro Foundation
Queriamos Norte Fund
The Darline Robles Fund
Jessica Sarowitz Foundation

Mark Smith and Diane Shader Smith

Micah V. Smith Foundation

Richard E. White and Frank C. Swindel
Scholarship Fund

Taira Family Foundation
Webb Family Fund for Parity

Matt and Kimber Wilson
Family Foundation

Letter from our President and CEO

We did it! In 2015, we made a commitment to give $1 billion to Los Angeles County nonprofits as part of our 10-year strategic plan. Not only have we met our goal three years early thanks to our donors and partners, but we have surpassed it.

Letter from our Board Chair

As I began my tenure as Chair of CCF’s board of directors I made a commitment to advance the mission and work that we do in the community to improves the lives of all Angelenos. Last year CCF made a record-setting $440 million in grants…