Nontraditional is how Koko Archibong, a vice president at Capital Group, would describe not just himself, but also his path to becoming a wealth advisor.

It was only after retiring from playing professional basketball in the NBA and overseas for 10 years and competing in the 2012 Olympics on the Nigerian basketball team that Archibong began to explore the landscape to determine what he wanted to do next. Healthcare, as he was pre-med, training young kids and coaching all seemed like obvious next steps.

And in fact, he went on to start a training business with kids and became an assistant athletic director at his alma mater, Polytechnic School in Pasadena.

Despite loving his work with kids and being able to give back through education, he knew that there was more that he was meant to do. And so, he kept exploring.

“My story is about finding that something that you might not even know is a passion and pursuing it,” said Archibong, vice president, private wealth advisor at Capital Group. He didn’t know much about the industry, but once he learned about financial services, he had a “wow” moment.

Archibong shared, “I was like this is it. This is the thing. This is a chance for me to learn organically the right way to take care of my family, finances and have an oversized impact in other people’s lives in a really important area of their lives.”

My hope is that I make a difference…A big goal for me is that LA leads the way and shows the rest of the country and world what it could look like to live in a society where we take care of each other, where we lift each other up and not tear each other down. Where we treat each other with respect based on the content of our characters not based on skin tone, skin color, or whatever the case may be. It’s happening in LA already, but I think we can do more. We can always do more.”


An important part of his practice and mission is to not only be successful in taking care of his family and the people and families that he partners with, but to be able to educate the community. Capital Group has been a strong supporter of him sharing the importance of financial literacy in the community. By planting the seeds about finances as early as possible and providing the building blocks of how you can create and maintain wealth over time, Archibong is “demystifying…democratizing and leveling the playing field.”

“I want to build a practice that’s diverse, that’s inclusive, that looks like the world that I see, the network that I have, the people that I know, and that is going to include everybody,” said Archibong. He is grateful for his seven years at Capital Group which has helped him grow and learn how to take care of his clients the right way. Each one of his clients are treated with the same care that he would give his own family. He sees his clients as partners, with educating them being the key.

“Everything that I’m going to be doing, you’re going to understand it,” said Archibong. “If you don’t, we’re going to take the time until you do understand why, because it’s critical.”

Long-term investing and reaching financial goals are what ultimately lead to an ability to give back and create legacy. Being good stewards of what we have, for Archibong means eventually being able to give to the community, which is when CCF gets to partner with his clients on their charitable giving goals.

Everything that I’m going to be doing, you’re going to understand……If you don’t, we’re going to take the time until you do….because it’s critical.”



  • Establishing or refining individually tailored charitable plans
  • CCF donor services with custom investment options, including the Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP) with donor designated investment advisors
  • Custom research on local, national or international charities
  • Meetings with community leaders and visits to charities
  • Engaging family members in giving
  • Identifying emerging giving opportunities
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Access to a team of charitable
    giving experts


As of June 30, 2022, our assets total just over $2.30 billion, comprised of four fund categories that reflect the many types of partnerships between CCF and our donors: Permanent Discretionary Funds, Donor Advised Funds, Permanent Restricted Funds and Other Funds.


Every year, CCF and our donors help transform the lives and futures of tens of thousands of people, in Los Angeles County and around the world. We are proud to achieve this impact while remaining committed to efficient and effective service…