We surpassed our billion-dollar commitment to the future of Los Angeles 3 years ahead of schedule.

We promised to grant $1 billion to Los Angeles County nonprofits by 2025. Since making this commitment in 2015, as part of our 100-year anniversary, we and our donors have given more than $1 billion to thousands of organizations and causes in Los Angeles County. Whether for housing, education, immigration or disaster relief, these gifts are building a better Los Angeles for all of us. We couldn’t have achieved this goal without the combined passion, generosity and creativity of Los Angeles donors, nonprofits, community and government leaders as well as our staff. Reaching our goal proves that together, we can face Los Angeles County’s greatest challenges, and together we can realize its potential.

Total Granted to Los Angeles

Animal Welfare$8,755,047
Civic Engagement$65,902,882
Disaster Response$40,350,220
Economic Opportunity$19,748,128
Nonprofit Sustainability$8,892,753
Philanthropic Activity$9,519,392
Total Granted to LA County$1,052,978,325

Thank you to all our donors who not only helped us surpass our pledge to grant $1 billion to Los Angeles County nonprofits, but to reach our goal three years early!

HomeLA Fund

Every night, nearly 66,000 Angelenos go to sleep homeless. They are families that have been evicted due to job loss, veterans suffering from trauma, former foster youth, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons.


Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund

The Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF) was established in 2012 as a partnership between CCF and the College Futures Foundation to increase college access and success in L.A. County.