This moment in time has proven that when Angelenos work together, we are able to make a difference. I am inspired by our donors, partners and staff who have risen to the unprecedented challenges of this past year. They have demonstrated resilience and a dedication to the communities we serve.

Despite uncertainty in the face of a global pandemic that magnified and exposed social and economic inequalities – there was an unwavering commitment to our mission to lead positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles communities.

The extraordinary generosity of our donors allowed us to meet the needs of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable communities. The California Community Foundation (CCF) collaborated with advisors, donors, City, County and State leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and philanthropic partners to deploy funds and resources for the greatest impact.

Our most vulnerable communities faced barriers and disparities to access when it came to everything from vaccinations to Wi-Fi, housing, food and health care. To add to the strain California experienced unprecedented wildfires that burned over 4.3 million acres, forcing thousands of Californians to flee their homes.

Amid these crises our various donors, overwhelmed us with their outpouring of support and inquiries on how they could help. I am deeply grateful to each of our advisors, donors, community leaders and nonprofits for meeting the need in Los Angeles County in a remarkable way.

This year has shown us that Angelenos are resilient. I am proud to say that CCF has emerged stronger and remains even more committed to serving our Los Angeles communities at a time when the need is most.

CCF was able to fund food banks, homeless shelters and health clinics, and organizations supporting essential workers to ensure that they received the vital resources needed to continue their work in our communities.

We were also able to fund intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for vulnerable populations impacted by the wildfires due to an outpouring of support from individuals on social media from around the country.

I invite you to learn more about our commitment to systematic change as we reimagine a more equitable Los Angeles and our stewardship of charitable funds though the stories featured in this year’s annual report.

Thank you for inspiring us and for joining us in building Los Angeles together.

Antonia Hernández
President & Chief Executive Officer