The California Community Foundation (CCF) is determined to move the needle. In tackling some of the most vexing challenges facing our community—homelessness, inequality, and access to quality healthcare and education—we are firmly committed to

improving the lives of all Angelenos, especially those of our most vulnerable neighbors. That’s no small task and it was made considerably harder by a global pandemic that has exacerbated old problems and created plenty of new ones.

Despite these challenges CCF has just completed our most impactful year in our over 100-year history. Last year CCF made a record-setting $391 million in grants, over half of which were directed to nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County. We partnered as never before with government agencies to address food insecurity, juvenile recidivism, and the wide distribution of COVID vaccines. We sought to bring about dramatic change in closing the digital divide, so that all schoolchildren and families will have internet access that is fast, reliable, and affordable. We made significant strides in addressing racial inequality by expanding support to Black-led and Black-empowering organizations throughout L.A. County. And much more.

Our progress on these difficult issues has been made possible, in large part, by the powerful partnerships we have forged over the years. We have joined forces with our generous donors and other nonprofits to magnify our collective impact on CCF’s leading initiatives. We continue to work with trusted advisors to help their clients find the best home for their philanthropy. And we rely on our many grantees to deliver services to our neediest fellow citizens and advocate for positive change. To all of these valued partners we express our profound gratitude for all you do.

For the past decade I have had the privilege of working closely with CCF’s exceptional team. Its senior leadership and staff members are second to none. They are enormously talented, hard-working, and caring. On behalf of an appreciative board of directors, I want to thank everyone on CCF’s staff for their efforts in making Los Angeles a better place for us all.

James E. Berliner
Board Chair