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    CCF believes that the prosperity of Los Angeles County’s depends on a well-educated workforce and realizing the potential of future generations. All too often, underrepresented students lack access to quality pre-kindergarten education experiences, high-quality learning environments and sufficient educational resources that will enable them to thrive.

    Our goal is to address disparities in student achievement, college readiness and college success for low-income, minority and English learner students, throughout the education pipeline, countywide. Our portfolio contains a diverse group of programs and strategies, from advocating for increased access to high-quality early education, improving educational outcomes for young men of color, expanding college promise programs and ensuring more young people can prepare for, pay for and succeed in higher education.

    John Garcia III, Ed.L.D.
    Program Officer, Education
    213.413.4130 Ext. 262
    jgarcia [@] calfund [.] org

    Kelly King
    Director, LASIF
    213-413-4130 Ext. 279
    kking [@] calfund [.] org

    To learn about CCF’s open funding opportunities, please visit our open grants portal.

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