Gaingels Scholarship

The Gaingels Scholarship is designed to give $5,000 block grants to LGBTQ+ students on a need basis to attend the school of their choice.

After a successful pilot year with 14 student grants made in 2020, in 2021 we plan to award 50 grants to beneficiaries. The Gaingels Scholars scholarship program is also tied to an optional internship program involving opportunities for students at one of our 300+ Gaingels portfolio companies in the innovation economy with broad geographic coverage.

As we continue to grow the Gaingels ecosystem and impact, we intend to dramatically expand this program, both in terms of number of students supported and in terms of the size of each grant.

About GaingelsGaingels is the leading investment syndicate in support of and representing the LGBTQ community and allies in the venture capital space. With over $150,000,000 deployed into a portfolio of over 300+ companies, Gaingels seeks to directly and indirectly influence the venture ecosystem towards greater diversity, inclusion and equity of access. Gaingels is a founding co-signer of the Diversity Term Sheet Rider Initiative to increase access to venture funding events for non-traditional check writers, and regularly co-invests with select VC leads across a variety of stages and sectors, in company committed to building diverse and inclusive teams and embracing of LGBTQ+ leadership.


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