Philanthropic Consultation

Our Donor Relations team can help define or refine short- and long-term giving goals and strategies, identify emerging opportunities for impactful grantmaking and develop a family giving plan for current and future generations.

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Nonprofit Research

We can provide thorough and unbiased research on charitable causes, evaluation of nonprofits and site visit opportunities for organizations of interest. We also offer a variety of educational resources including resident issue experts and like-minded donors available for support.

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Anonymous Giving

Unlike a private foundation whose financial reports and tax returns are public information, a charitable fund or foundation with CCF can safeguard donor privacy at any level desired.

  • Donors may choose a fund or foundation name that ensures anonymity, ensuring their name does not appear on grant checks, financial reports or other public documents.
  • Donors may differentiate between gifts made anonymously and gifts that carry the name of the family, foundation or company.

We can also manage relations with grantees and beneficiaries, handle all mail and correspondence and much more.

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Private Foundation Services

While CCF offers alternatives to private foundations, we also work with dozens of private foundations to enhance their giving and help ease the administrative burden. Examples include…

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Family Philanthropy

When it comes to the special and personal considerations that arise with family philanthropy, we are adept at developing a plan for the entire family, including opportunities for new generations to engage in charitable endeavors now and succession plans for family funds into the future.

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Complex Asset Contributions

We specialize in simplifying the process of converting complex assets into charitable contributions. From commercial real estate to partnership interests, we accept a broad range of asset gifts that that many commercial brokerage firm funds do not have the ability or the experience to accommodate.

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Custom Grant Management

For donors contemplating a major or multi-year gift, CCF can craft grant agreements based on donor directives, desires for recognition or anonymity and deliverables and outcome triggers for initial and subsequent grant payments. This allows donor funds to remain invested as long as possible. CCF undertakes due diligence for every grant throughout the process, from confirming IRS information to delivering payments.

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Advisor Consultation

By working with our clients’ estate planning attorneys, accountants and other key professionals, and consulting with their chosen team as it relates to particular gifts or grants, we are able to offer donors a seamless experience that ensures their philanthropy is fully integrated into their overall financial vision.

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Fund Succession

Your philanthropic vehicle is not just a tool to give out money, it’s a way to pass on the charitable values you champion. Our giving experts can work with you to create a succession plan for your Donor Advised Fund, determine the successor advisor(s) of your choice and take steps to ensure your charitable vision and intent are preserved over time.

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International Giving

Our staff can conduct the due diligence and complete the necessary paperwork for donors who wish to support causes and organizations around the world.  We are fully capable of handling international grants efficiently and effectively while maintaining strict compliance with the U.S. laws and regulations governing international charitable giving.

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Online Services

Donor grantmaking can be managed through our secure DonorConnect platform that provides online access, resources and assistance to donors. It enables real-time monitoring of philanthropic transactions, investment returns and fund assets from anywhere with an internet connection. Fund giving pages on our website also allow donors to collect contributions directly from friends, family and colleagues for easy fundraising.

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Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP)

Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP) is a customized investment option for donors who prefer to have their own trusted financial advisor manage the majority of their charitable assets. It provides comparable benefits to a private foundation or scholarship fund along with a full range of supporting services. Minimum initial gift: $500,000.

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