CCF Fellowship For Visual Artists

Fellowship for Visual Artists

Support Individual Artists

Behind the beauty, emotion or social commentary of any work of art is an artist. With the CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists, the California Community Foundation has proudly supported Los Angeles artists since 1988. We invite you to support the Fellowship and help keep great artists producing great work in L.A.

Why Invest in Artists?

Whether it allows someone to pay for materials or working space, provides encouragement at a critical time in a creative career, or helps someone finally become independent and self-sustaining, a fellowship impacts the life of an artist.

How Do Artists Benefit?

By underwriting a fellowship, you provide stability and security to an artist so they make art and in so doing, influence the culture of Los Angeles. Each Fellow receives a one-year unrestricted grant, but he or she also receives support and resources to help make them sustain a full-time career as an artist.

“The most significant aspect of the fellowship to me was having the resources to produce a body of work that I never would have undertaken without the funding.”

– 2009 Mid-Career Fellow

What are the Benefits to You?

Besides the satisfaction of contributing personally to artists and the production of original, contemporary art that may live on long after we are gone, your sponsor benefits include:

  • Naming your own fellowship at CCF
  • Enjoying tax benefits commensurate with your charitable gift
  • Joining CCF for arts and cultural events in L.A.
  • Seeing your fellowship listed in print and online publications of CCF
  • Knowing that 100% of your contribution will directly support an artist

Together, we foster excellence in L.A. arts.

100 percent of donor contributions for CCF Fellowship for the Visual Arts goes directly to the artists.

Invest in an Emerging Artist

$15,000 will support an L.A. artist who has less than seven years of exhibition history in early stages of artistic development.

Support a Mid-Career Artist

$20,000 will acknowledge the contribution of an outstanding L.A. artist who has more than seven years of exhibition history.

Fund an Artist Every Year

$300,000 creates a permanent fellowship, ensuring that individual artists in L.A. are supported long into the future. (administrative fees are charged for permanent funds)

Thank You to Current Supporters

  • J. Paul Getty Trust
  • Brody Arts Fund
  • Atlass Fund
  • Joan Palevsky Endowment for the Future of Los Angeles
  • T.M. and R.W. Brown Fund
  • Harry J. Volk Fund
  • Pamela Simon-Jensen Fund
  • Scott N. Kivel and Lia Lund
  • Stein Family Fund

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the CCF Fellowship For Visual Artists. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
717 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Donate Now

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