BLOOM seeks to create a more positive and productive future for a specific population of the L.A. community: 14-18 year old Black males living in South L.A. who are or have been under the supervision of the L.A. County Probation Department. The initiative was developed by CCF and an advisory committee of community members and residents based on research and experience over the course of more than two years.

How Does BLOOM Work?

With grants and other assistance through CCF, and support and involvement by other foundations, businesses, schools, colleges, groups and concerned individuals, BLOOM invests in community-based organizations that provide programs and services that fall within two key areas related to Educational and Job Opportunity:

  • Academic and/or Vocational Advancement
  • Creation of a Jobs Pipeline

All BLOOM community partner organizations offer youth:

  • Academic support to complete high school and encourage post-secondary education
  • Assistance with identifying a career path and cultivation of skills toward that end
  • An environment that promotes accountability and personal responsibility
  • Culturally appropriate services
  • Exposure to new opportunities and life experiences that stimulate educational and career aspirations

Our community partner organizations are poised to help 1,200 youth complete high school and 1,000 youth earn meaningful employment by June 2017. For a list of our community partners, please click here.

How Will Success Be Measured?

  • 1,200 youth will earn a high school diploma, GED and/or vocational certificate
  • 1,000 youth 18 years and older will have meaningful employment earning taxable income

The Need

BLOOM is important and urgent for everyone in Los Angeles County. Black youth make up a disproportionate percentage of youth on probation and in prison. While they represent 10 percent of the youth population of Los Angeles County, they comprise more than 30 percent of all youth under probation supervision. Black male youth are less likely to graduate from high school and attend college and more likely to be unemployed or incarcerated than any other segment of the population.

  • Black youth have a juvenile felony arrest rate 16 times greater than that of White youth.
  • It is projected that one in four Black males will be involved with the criminal justice system in their lifetime.
  • In Los Angeles Unified School District, the graduation rate for Black males is a startling 41 percent, 23 percentage points below their white counterparts.

Only one in 10 Black males will graduate from a four-year college

Potential Impact

BLOOM can serve as a catalyst for a movement resulting in an overall reduction in the number of Black male youth under county probation supervision during the next five years.

  • If the number of Black male youth under county probation supervision can be reduced by 10 percent (or approximately 480 youth), L.A. County taxpayers would save almost $50 million while producing more skilled, employable young men that will become part of a new segment of taxpayers generating more local, state and federal revenues.
  • BLOOM’s cost per youth ranges between $2,500 - $5,000 as compared to $100,000 to house one youth in an L.A. probation camp for one year.
  • There is the potential for $40 billion in savings if one year’s worth of California’s high school dropouts could be converted to graduates.
  • For each cohort of 120,000 young adults each year that become part of the population that will never complete high school, they will cost California $46.4 billion in total economic losses over their lifetimes.

Individuals, businesses, foundations, and the general public can support BLOOM as funding partners or by contributing dollars, job opportunities, scholarships, time and support.

Thank You to our current supporters:

Our Investment Partners



AAA of Southern California


Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation


The California Wellness Foundation


The James Irvine Foundation


Union Bank Foundation

United Parcel Service (UPS)


Weingart Foundation




Annenberg Foundation


Carol and James Collins Foundation

The Cornerstone Project

Our Individual Donors ($5,000 and above)

Casey Family Foundation

Michael Weithorn

Peter Taylor

Frank and Carol Biondi

Patti Newirth

Joanne Berlin

The Hancock Fund


Apply for BLOOM Grants

Thank you for your interest in BLOOM. The application for 2013 BLOOM grants is no longer available.


The 2014 BLOOM application will be available in early spring of 2014.


Information related to the 2014 application including dates for "How to Apply" workshops will be posted once the 2014 application is active.


To see a list of current BLOOM grant partners, please click here.


If you have any questions, please contact Kristina McGee, Program Associate, at Kmcgee@calfund.org.








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