Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund is a flexible giving vehicle that offers immediate tax benefits and allows donors to support the charities of their choice on their own schedule through grant recommendations.

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Private Foundation Alternative Fund

A private foundation alternative fund enables donors to facilitate their family’s charitable giving activities without all the administrative and management burdens of a traditional private family foundation.

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Unrestricted Fund

Unrestricted funds allow donors to ensure their gifts go to support the most pressing community needs and the most effective solutions, however they may change over time. The Future of L.A. Fund is a special unrestricted fund that provides a simple and efficient giving mechanism for donors who want to focus their gifts on high-priority needs within Los Angeles County as identified by CCF’s expert advisors.

Download the Future Of Los Angeles Fund Fact Sheet

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Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund allows donors to make an impact on their area of interest without committing to any specific organization by authorizing CCF’s experts to issue appropriate grants on their behalf.

For example, if you wish to support children’s health, CCF staff will identify the most effective organizations working in the field to receive your funds. If the issue area changes, as when orphanages were replaced by the foster care system, our staff will work to seek out new organizations whose work fulfills your original charitable intent.

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Restricted Fund

A restricted fund empowers donors to support specific organizations of their choosing through regular grant making without having to manually execute recommendations for every grant occurrence.

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Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund lets donors choose a fund option, establish criteria and determine their own degree of involvement while supporting students of any age, background or education level.

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Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP)

Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP) is a customized investment option for donors who prefer to have their own trusted financial advisor manage the majority of their charitable assets. It provides comparable benefits to a private foundation or scholarship fund along with a full range of supporting services. Minimum initial gift: $500,000.

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