A Billion–Dollar Commitment

to the Future of Los Angeles

Total Granted to L.A. County:



Animal Welfare $3,211,326
Arts $70,196,067
Civic Engagement $33,845,971
Community Building $3,298,539
Disaster Response $29,303,419
Economic Opportunity $11,850,145
Education $213,445,458
Environment $36,781,436
Health $96,839,212
Housing $62,799,779
Immigration $19,135,480
Sustainability $6,607,812
Philanthropic Activity $17,295,454
Religion $22,774,413

In 2015, we promised to grant $1 billion to Los Angeles County nonprofits by 2025. Making progress on our 10-year commitment, we and our donors have given more than $629 million to thousands of organizations and causes in Los Angeles County. Whether for housing or education or disaster relief, these gifts are building a better Los Angeles for all of us.

With the new challenges presented by the pandemic, it was essential for people to break down silos and work across issue areas and subject expertise. Dynamic teams were formed to shore up the strength for a united response. We are inspired by the following stories of individuals and groups who collaborated to address complex problems with innovative solutions.