Help us tackle L.A.'s homelessness epidemic.

AH-2013_photoWe all want our region to be a place that provides opportunities for each and every one of us to succeed. But a spiraling homeless epidemic threatens that dream for tens of thousands of our neighbors.

As the foundation for Los Angeles County, the California Community Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all Angelenos have access to the opportunities and services they need to thrive. But we can’t do it alone. Foundations, housing developers, businesses, nonprofits, city and county agencies, elected officials and each one of us must work together if we are to find a solution to this crisis.

Study after study shows that combining permanent housing with mental health services and other support is the most effective way to end chronic homelessness. Last year, the City of Los Angeles produced just 300 such homes, and our partners have held back from buying land, seeking approvals and financing the early stages of such developments because of funding uncertainties with local government.

That’s why we’ve granted over $1.1 million over three years to expand housing for the most vulnerable, and today we are working with local and national foundation colleagues to secure $22 million in grants and loans to triple the production of permanent supportive housing in Los Angeles.

The vibrancy, energy and well-being of Los Angeles County rests on the ability of residents to access, pursue and achieve opportunities, allowing them to better contribute to the greater community. And a brighter future for our region depends on people believing they have a stake in that future.

Prosperity is the sense of hope and fulfillment that people contribute to and build together — a community where people connect and share a pursuit of the common good.

Everyone has a role in creating a better Los Angeles County.  And together, we can do so.






Antonia Hernández
President & CEO

what matters is not how we differ, but what we share

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