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We are driven by a desire to create systemic change and long-term solutions addressing the root causes of the most pressing issues facing Los Angeles County. Since 2000, we have granted more than $200 million, impacting hundreds of thousands of lives and helping to transform entire communities. Every one of those grants represented the legacy of a donor who was dedicated to creating a healthier, more prosperous, and empowered L.A.

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The population of Los Angeles County has increased by 20-fold over the last 100 years, and today it has a population larger than 42 states. We are one of the most diverse counties on earth, whose residents hail from 140 different countries and speak more than 200 languages. L.A. boasts an economy larger than most countries, and we are currently in the midst of the largest transfer of wealth in American history. But despite our enormous progress, many are still falling behind.

Nearly 1 million Los Angeles residents live below the poverty level. Only 12 percent of our ninth graders go on to receive a college degree. More than a million residents are uninsured. Nearly 900,000 undocumented residents face significant obstacles to employment and healthcare, in addition to the threat of deportation.

Fortunately, change is possible. Every student who graduates from college can generate an additional $1 million dollars in lifetime earnings. Every loan to a low-income entrepreneur can create jobs that improve the economy of a whole community. We need the dreams and potential of every resident to build the future of L.A. The boundless imagination, innovation and dedication of our residents are capable of transforming not only our county, but the world.



Through our blog, we seek to provoke a conversation about L.A.’s extraordinary promise and inspire others to join us in making Los Angeles a better place for all of us. In service of that goal, we bring together those who know L.A. best – community leaders, donors, nonprofits, researchers, and others – to discuss vital issues and innovative approaches for transformative change.

We are dedicated to changing the conversation about Los Angeles County. As the entertainment capital of the world, so much of our economy is based upon telling other people’s stories. We hope that our #LAtogether blog serves as a place to help Los Angeles tell its own extraordinary stories and turn them into action.


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