Stepping Stones Scholarship

The Stepping Stones Scholarship, formerly known as the Dream Fund for Young Scholars, was established at the California Community Foundation in 2012 with the intent to support the education and immersion of underrepresented students into pre-selected independent elementary schools in the greater Los Angeles area. Originally intended as a 6-year pilot program, the success of the fund has proven invaluable to the students, families and the schools it supports.

Led by a dedicated committee working closely with affiliate schools, the scholarship is anchored in the premise that entering a student’s life at the beginning of their academic career yields the highest return and impact. The program has followed scholars, year by year, providing a safe, stable and comprehensive learning environment and when possible, extra supportive services to ensure their continued success. With the first cohorts beginning to embark on their middle and high school career at some of the most competitive schools in the county, the Stepping Stones Scholarship is positive that the foundation for a lifetime of educational success and a love of learning was successfully established by the critical support provided during the student’s most formative years.

In its 6 years, over $2 million in scholarship support has been awarded to nearly 60 students and as one of the only elementary aged scholarship programs of its kind, the Stepping Stones Scholarship is excited to embark on its continued success to support student achievement, expand its impact and transform school communities. These scholarships ensure that scholars have access to all of the regular instructional and extra-curricular experiences and opportunities of their full-tuition paying classmates. Because a home-school partnership is central to the philosophy and culture of most independent schools, these unique grants also make it possible for scholars’ families to participate in all school functions, regardless of financial capacity. The social and emotional benefits of more diverse campuses have proven critical in creating global citizens and strengthening the community fabric of affiliate schools.

Affiliate schools include:

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