a soldier hugs his sonLess than 1 percent of Americans serve in our all-volunteer armed forces, yet the impacts of military deployment — physically, emotionally and economically – quietly touch our entire nation. The needs of troops, veterans and their families are significant, not generally understood and, too often, overlooked.

The Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund (IADIF), a donor advised fund unique to CCF, is the largest grantmaker for support to military troops, veterans and dependents outside of the U.S. government.

From 2006 to 2010, IADIF made more than $243 million in grants to 53 nonprofits to meet the needs of men, women and families affected by deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Note: This fund is not currently accepting solicitations or actively making new grants. For more information, email iadif@calfund.org

Download the full IADIF report.

Download the abridged IADIF report

Initially focused on direct service, IADIF’s earliest grants invested in national organizations and small grassroots groups alike, funding programs and services in financial aid, counseling, scholarships, health care, employment, housing and more. Recognizing the need for a more systemic impact, IADIF later supported research, public awareness and advocacy campaigns.

In only three years, the fund fundamentally reshaped the entire landscape of services for a new generation of warriors, veterans and their families.

In addition, CCF was able to achieve these results in a cost efficient manner, with costs per year of less than 0.5 percent of the fund since IADIF’s inception. IADIF was invested in CCF’s conservative, short-term pool and the investment gains more than offset the costs. This means that IADIF was able to convert 100 percent of the contributions received to its grantmaking efforts to effect change for the target population.

When IADIF first started making grants, the field for support for servicemembers, veterans and families affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was quite small and not very developed.  Now, thanks to the visionary leadership of nonprofits nationwide, many of those affected are getting financial, medical, psychological and social support.  The need is still growing, however, and everyone’s support is needed. 

In all, IADIF has made grants to 53 organizations across the United States.  Download the full list of IADIF grantees.

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To date, IADIF has:

  • Distributed $243 million to 53 nonprofit organizations nationwide
  • Enabled the provision of direct support to more than 2 million military service members and their family members.
  • Implemented an innovative regranting program in Texas and Florida, states where the impacts of deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq have been among the heaviest, demonstrating the power of community-based networks in providing needed services to veterans and military families.

Philanthropy to Create Systemic Change

  • Through IADIF, CCF funded the RAND Corporation’s seminal 2008 study, “The Invisible Wounds of War,” which documented the consequences of psychological and cognitive injuries to soldiers, and has become a cornerstone document in Congressional hearings on veterans’ issues.
  • IADIF has raised public awareness and understanding by generating regional, national and international media coverage including award-winning work by the Ad Council and National Public Radio.
  • IADIF funding has enabled its grantees to help thousands of veterans apply for and receive the disability payments for which they are eligible.
  • Support from IADIF has helped our grantees influence more than 50 pieces of legislation pertaining to the rights and needs of servicemembers, veterans and their families, including the 2009 GI Bill.
  • CCF published a definitive report on lessons learned at the intersection of philanthropy and the impact of war, with recommendations as to how grantmakers, policymakers and military leaders alike may engage more effectively with nonprofit organizations.

Servicemembers, families, veterans and others affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in every community, and need the support of all of us in one way or another. Here are just a few suggestions for how to get involved:

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