• Overview

    CCF’s vision is an affordable home in a thriving neighborhood for every Angeleno. Our Housing goals are to remove barriers to development, increase requirements and opportunities to include affordable units within developments, and increase funding sources to develop affordable homes.

    Los Angeles is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, and low-income communities often suffer disproportionately from overcrowding and deteriorating housing. Recently, the California Department of Housing and Community Development succinctly stated, “As affordability becomes more problematic, people ‘overpay’ for housing, ‘over-commute’ by driving long distances between home and work, and ‘overcrowd’ by sharing space to the point that quality of life is severely impacted.”

    CCF works to ensure quality, affordable housing is available for low-income residents. We and our partners seek to develop a shared vision and strategy to help localities and transit agencies develop land use, land disposition and resource use plans that preserve and produce affordable housing to fulfill the promise of stronger, healthier communities for all.

    The California Community Foundation provides grants to nonprofits supporting the production and preservation of supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals and multifamily affordable housing near transit. Specific information on strategies, objectives, and eligibility can be found below. Please also review our general eligibility requirements before deciding to submit.

    • Supportive Housing developer grants are awarded in partnership with the United Way Home for Good Funders Collaborative. This is done through an RFP that is released each spring. To ensure you receive notification when available, please contact Francisco Covarrubias.
    • Multifamily Affordable Housing development near transit is funded via a request for proposal offered annually in the spring. To ensure you receive notification, please contact Francisco Covarrubias.
    • Research and advocacy grants are open year round through our Letter of Intent process.

    Francisco Covarrubias
    Program Associate, Health & Housing
    fcovarrubias [@] calfund [.] org

    To learn about CCF’s open funding opportunities, please visit our open grants portal.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can an organization that provides only emergency or transitional housing, or outreach to homeless families and individuals apply for a grant?
    A: No. The focus of this program is to support the development and preservation of permanent supportive housing.

    Q: Do you fund services such as case management or resident services?
    A: No. Our focus is to fund nonprofit housing developers to expand capacity to build and own housing. Many are also service providers, and most housing developments include services.

    Q: Can an organization apply for capital grants to build, maintain or rehabilitate buildings?
    A: These grants provide operating support to housing organizations that are continuously developing new and preserving existing affordable housing units through construction and rehabilitation, but does not directly fund the construction and ongoing maintenance of specific projects.

    Q: Do you fund capital projects for organizations interested in buying land and developing affordable units.
    A: We do not provide grants for capital projects, but loans may be available through the Program Related Investment (PRI) direct lending program. For more information, contact Senior Program Officer for Housing Chris Hubbard.

    Q: Where can I get an application for an affordable apartment?

    A: CCF is not a housing provider. We have partnerships with nonprofit affordable housing organizations that manage their own buildings and application processes. For assistance, please visit the Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center.

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