LA Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • Overview

    Application closes May 1st at 5:00 p.m. No exceptions. Please no calls or emails.


    The LA Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund requests proposals from Los Angeles County museums and visual arts nonprofits with annual operating budgets of less than $10 million, excluding government payments, that are enduring hardship caused by the COVID-19 health crisis.

    The LA Arts COVID-19 Fund will be distributed in two phases: emergency relief grants and recovery grants. Applications are currently being accepted for emergency relief funding only. Submitting an application for relief funding does not automatically disqualify you for future opportunities. Instructions for applying to the recovery phase will follow at a later date.

    Emergency relief grants are designed to maintain essential functions and retain core staff through the COVID-19 crisis. Grants will cover a 12-week period from May 18 to August 18, 2020 and range between $10,000 and $30,000. Award amounts will take into consideration the organization’s total operating budget.

    To be eligible for emergency relief, organizations must be 501(c)(3) public charities, demonstrate a track record of robust visual arts programming serving Los Angeles County, and have annual operating budgets of less than $10 million (excluding government payments) and are current grantees of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture (LACDAC), and/or the Getty Foundation. Priority will be given to small and mid-size institutions, particularly those that serve diverse populations.

    We recommend organizations review the FAQs below before starting an application.

    Please note that these parameters may change in response to situational and organizational needs. All such changes will be communicated to applicants.


    The Fund invites partnerships from the broader philanthropic community, and can accept donations from individuals, foundations, and public sources. The Fund was launched by the J. Paul Getty Trust and will be administered by the California Community Foundation.

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  • FAQ
    1. Which institutions are eligible?
      • 501(c)(3) public charities located in and serving Los Angeles County
      • Art museums or visual arts organizations
      • An annual budget of no more than $10M, excluding government payments
      • Have at least one (1) paid staff member
      • Demonstrate financial impact due to the COVID-19 health crisis
      • Has at least two (2) full and consecutive years of arts programming in history in Los Angeles
      • Have received a grant from at least one of the following in the current fiscal year (since July 1, 2019):
        -The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
        -The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture (LACDAC)
        -The Getty Foundation
      • Which institutions are not eligible?
        • Organizations whose primary mission is performing arts programming or education (theater, dance, music, etc.)
        • Art museums and visual arts organizations that are part of educational institutions (i.e., schools, colleges/universities) and do not have their own separate 501(c)(3) designation are not eligible for emergency relief funding but may be eligible for recovery funding later
        • Organizations whose primary mission is to raise funds
        • Student groups, recreational, or social organizations and clubs
        • Municipal or County government agencies, departments, and cultural institutions
        • Organizations whose primary mission is related to social services (juvenile justice, housing, community development) but also have an arts program
        • Professional membership organizations or nonprofit consulting or grantmaking organizations
        • Organizations not open to the general public
        • Religious-based activities
        • Individuals, including individual artists (a separate fund for visual arts in LA County will be opened soon and more information will be provided at
      • What does it mean to be an “art museum or visual arts organization”?
        • At least 50% of annual programming is visual arts or arts education-related
      • What is the amount of the grant?
        • Emergency relief funding will range from $10,000 to $30,000
        • Recovery funding at other, higher amounts will be available through separate grant funding to be announced later. Check back on this website.
      • What is the application and award timeline?
    • April 20 – Request for Applications Opens
    • May 1 – Request for Applications Closes
    • May 18 – Applicants Informed of Grant Decisions via Email
    • June 1 – Awards Mailed Out
    1. What will we need to include in the application?
      • The application asks about your mission statement, audience and community served, staff size (including volunteers), questions about financial hardship on your organization caused by COVID-19, and how immediate relief funding can help. Be sure to gather this information. Link to PDF version of application can be found here.
    2. What are the criteria on which applications will be judged?
      • The review committee will evaluate applications based on financial hardship, the contribution of the organization to the community it serves, and potential impact of emergency relief funding. These criteria should be highlighted in the application.
    3. What can grant funds be used for?
      • Grant funds may be used for personnel and/or facility costs jeopardized by lost revenue (e.g., payroll and benefits, hiring temporary staff to cover shortages due to illness or quarantine, rent, insurance, and security obligations), equipment to comply with public health measures (e.g., technology to comply with remote conferencing and social distancing, emergency cleaning supplies and services, non-recoverable expenses related to canceled exhibitions or programming, remote programming or creative content), or other new and emergency needs to be specified in the application.





  • Timeline
    • April 20 – Request for Applications Opens
    • May 1 – Request for Applications Closes
    • May 18 – Applicants Informed of Grant Decisions via Email
    • June 1 – Awards Mailed Out
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