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  • Planned Giving Toolkit

    CCF’s 2011 report, The Future of Philanthropy in Los Angeles: A Wealth of Opportunity, revealed that the coming decades hold tremendous possibilities for organizations who incorporate planned giving into their development strategies.

    Our no-cost Planned Giving Toolkit for local nonprofit organizations makes starting or building a planned giving program easier and more effective. Planned giving programs help build stability and sustainability for nonprofits, and fulfill the long-term goals of donors. From customizable donor letters to strategies for engaging nonprofit boards, the toolkit contains everything a nonprofit needs to start their own planned giving program today.


  • Agency Funds

    CCF’s Agency Funds allow nonprofits to focus on their mission rather than spending time identifying and supervising investment managers. Agency Funds also help with gift acceptance and planning and endowment-building to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

    To find out how your organization can streamline financial management and build its endowment through an Agency Fund, view our Agency Fund Fact Sheet.

  • Resources

    Board Governance and Engagement

    Financial Operations and Management

    • Wallace Foundation‘s Offers general nonprofit resources, including articles and studies by leading thinkers in the field of nonprofit finances.
    • Nonprofit Assistance Fund: Invests capital and financial expertise in nonprofits through loans, training, practical guidance and financial management resources.
    • Nonprofit Finance Fund: Advances missions and social progress through financing, consulting, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing that empower leaders, organizations and ideas.
    • CompassPoint: Offers tools and resources related to budgeting, fiscal policies and procedures and internal controls.
    • Nonprofit Accounting Basics: Offers guidance on accounting and bookkeeping topics, along with articles, webinars and “how-to” guides on a range of other areas, including internal controls, budgeting, and financial reporting.
    • The National Council on Nonprofits: Helps nonprofits achieve greater collective impact by identifying emerging trends, sharing proven practices and promoting solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the communities they serve.
    • Nonprofit Cost Analysis Toolkit: Offers a clearer picture of the financial demand that each of your programs places on your organization. Intended primarily for senior leaders of small- to medium-sized nonprofit organizations with multiple programmatic areas or sites.
    • Operating Reserve Policy Toolkit: Helps make a compelling case within the organization for the need to establish an operating reserve, suggest practices for managing the reserve and reporting its balance. Also offers tools for drafting a policy to record decisions.

    Fund Development

    Staff and Infrastructure

    • Succession Planning Resource: Tips, best practices and resources for nonprofit succession planning.
    • Succession Planning Toolkit: Provides tools for nonprofit executive leaders and board members to effectively implement succession planning and overcome barriers.
    • NonprofitReady: Free online course library supporting the most common nonprofit job families, including fundraising, leadership, accounting and finance, operations, marketing and communications, volunteer engagement, and program management.
    • Volunteer Management Guide: Tools and best practices for effectively managing volunteers.
    • Tech Soup: Free and discounted software and hardware for nonprofits.
    • The California Teleconnect Fund: Provides a 25% discount on select telephone services and 50% discounts on broadband services to schools, libraries, hospitals and Community Based Organizations.

    Diversity and Cultural Competence

    • National Center for Cultural Competence: Provides a tool and assessment resources for measuring cultural competence.
    • MCH Navigator: Online tool allowing individuals and groups to identify strengths and learning needs, match learning needs to appropriate trainings and receive personalized learning plans.

    Organizational Strategy and Adaptability

    • Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative: Foundation collaborative supporting Los Angeles nonprofit organizations interested in exploring and pursuing strategic restructuring, from jointly managed programs and consolidated administrative functions to full-scale mergers or acquisitions.
    • Sustainability Formula: Highlights the factors that determine a nonprofit’s sustainability, outlines the roles leadership, adaptability and program capacity play in an organization’s success and provides capacity-building recommendations for nonprofits to stay strong a shifting economy.
    • Sustainability Matrix Map: Accessible framework that combines financial and programmatic goals into an integrated strategy.
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