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Liz Glynn

Liz GlynnArtist’s Statement

My work draws upon historical narratives to explore human agency and the potential for change. Combining strategies of performative re-enactment with installation, I construct situations where history provides a pretext to explore how individual actions matter in the present tense. The works embody the ambition of empire and the pleasure of ruin with actions from do-it-yourself building to looting and revelry.

I explore moments of temporary eruption: those fleeting points when change seems palpable, from the suspension of normal activity during a power outage to the provisional sense of community experienced during protest marches. The objects in my work bear the marks of production; they cannot cheat death like the artifacts inside museum display cases. I operate on a scale where individual actions matter and the imperfect hand of the maker is evident.

Architects create scale models to render a large physical space apprehensible, and scientists experiment to find out what happens when a process unfolds over time. I operate between these modes, altering scale of complex historical situations while entering each without knowing the outcome. Through this process, I hope to shift the viewer’s perspective so that action has effect, and the potential for change is an accessible reality.

Website: lizglynn.work


Solo Exhibitions and Participatory Performances

III, an offsite project produced by Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles

All that is solid, Anthony Greaney, Boston

The 24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project, a participatory performance at Machine Project, Los Angeles

Group Exhibitions

Bizarre Animals, curated by Carlin Wing, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, Mass.

The Generational: Younger than Jesus, curated by Lauren Cornell, Massimo Gioni, and Laura Hauptman, The New Museum, New York

A Machine Project Field Guide to LACMA curated by Mark Allen and Charlotte Cotton, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

Community Projects

Basement Wagner, part of the LA Opera Ring Cycle Festival, presented by Machine Project, Los Angeles

Banner Year, part of Bellwether, the inaugural show at the new home of Southern Exposure, San Francisco

Exchange Rate 2008, organized by Elena Mann, Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles and other venues

You CAN Build a Wall, part of the CalArts Feminist Symposium, Valencia, Calif.

Awards and Fellowships

Artist Researcher, Los Angeles Goes Live, L.A.C.E., Los Angeles

O’artoteca, Milan, Italy

Atlantic Center for the Arts, Joan Mitchell Foundation Associate Artist Fellowship, New York


2008, M.F.A.
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Calif.

2003, B.A.
Harvard College, Boston

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