Census 2020

  • Overview

    The California Community Foundation (CCF) seeks to support community-based education, outreach and assistance efforts for hard-to-count (HTC) communities across Los Angeles County in Census 2020.

    Motivating the millions of HTC residents in the LA region to participate in the 2020 Census will require robust and coordinated outreach by community-based organizations (CBOs). Given their deep relationships with and knowledge of HTC populations, CBOs are trusted messengers and will be critical to success in ensuring these groups are counted.

    Census 2020 will be a landmark effort. We are seeking to transform the challenges into opportunities. First, this is an opportunity to mobilize all corners of our community – from organizations at the grassroots level to our local government to philanthropy. Collaboration makes us stronger and is a hallmark of how we accomplish positive change in Los Angeles. Finally, there is an opportunity for leverage Census 2020 as an act of mass civic engagement that is perhaps even more consequential to our most vulnerable residents than voting given the Census’ impact at the local level.

    UPDATE: The application for the first round of funding has been closed. Organizations will be notified of acceptance or declination at the end of July. Please check back in the future for information on additional grant opportunities.

    View our most recent Census RFP.

    If you have any questions regarding CCF’s work on the 2020 Census, email census2020@calfund.org. Please no direct calls or emails to staff.

  • Background

    The census is the portrait of the nation, making an accurate count essential to ensuring that picture is as vibrant as our communities.

    With its geographic expanse and rich diversity, Los Angeles County is ranked as the hardest-to-reach region in the nation. The most vulnerable in our community such as children and immigrant populations are not only most impacted by the consequences of an incomplete count, they are historically the most undercounted audiences.

    Participation in the census is our right. And, it is our responsibility to work together to ensure that every Los Angeles County resident is counted.

    Yet an accurate count for Census 2020 is rife with challenge. For the first time, the census will be administered mainly online. There is uncertainty around the inclusion of a question on citizenship. Research has indicated that the current political climate could have an impact on concerns among immigrants – regardless of documentation – about census participation.

    Census data influences how more than $700 billion in federal government resources are distributed to states and localities. The decision to build of schools, hospitals, child care centers, senior facilities and other services – cornerstones of our community – are heavily shaped by census data. Vital programs such as Medicaid, Head Start, public assistance, school lunch programs rely on census data for financial allocations at the local level. And, the census helps define our voice in Congress as data is used for apportionment of Congressional seats and redistricting at all levels of government.

  • Outreach Strategies

    Census outreach by CBOs includes but is not limited to the following services and activities:

    • Direct Outreach
      • Door-to-Door Canvassing
      • Phone Banking
      • Coalition Building
    • Training
      • Technical Assistance
      • Train-the-Trainer Services
    • Assistance Centers
    • Community Education
    • Digital Media Outreach
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