The Muslim and Jewish Organized Relief (MAJOR) Fund believes that now, more than ever, bridges need to be built not only between the Muslim and Jewish communities in the United States, but among all communities of faith. Under no circumstances should decisions regarding immigration or any rights and privileges granted to citizens of or visitors to the United States be based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. The MAJOR Fund is committed to its founding principles of creating a meaningful interfaith community and together identifying global humanitarian needs and providing assistance through directed funding.


Founding members from left to right: Gary Yale, Diane Vanette, Sajid Mohamedy, Kiran Hashmi, Alissa Roston

The MAJOR Fund is a unique alliance and partnership of Jews and Muslims; a close collaborative relationship of people from different faith backgrounds.  The founding members of MAJOR came together through their participation in a NewGround Fellowship. NewGround (A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change) works to create a world in which trust and partnership replace the current atmosphere of mutual suspicion among Muslims and Jews by equipping Muslims and Jews in America with the skills, resources, and relationships needed to improve Muslim-Jewish relations and cooperation on issues of shared concern.

The fundamental principles of our faiths, the Five Pillars of Islam and the Five Books of Moses, direct us to repair the world. We are turning our belief in these principles into action by identifying and funding projects throughout the global community. We seek to increase our sense of community and spirituality through personally meaningful work. Our goal is to assist people in need, regardless of their faith, in the critical areas of clean water, education and healthcare.

For more information, visit NewGround.

Project Update

The first project that we have identified to fund is a clean water project for an orphanage in Myanmar called Teikha Rama Nunnery. Teikha Rama Nunnery is in North Dagon with 100 orphan girls and boys and 200 day student boys and girls from the neighboring communities. Our project would provide clean, safe drinking water to the orphanage and school.

“Be a part of meeting the world’s greatest needs with your greatest gifts.” – Reverend Ed Bacon.

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