The Los Angeles 2020 Commission is pleased to issue its second report, “A Time for Action,” which offers strategies for solving Los Angeles’ most vexing challenges to unleash our region’s greatest potential.

As a representative of the community, particularly our most vulnerable residents, I was honored to serve on the 2020 Commission alongside other distinguished volunteers tasked with examining the state of economic stability, growth and opportunity in Los Angeles. The 2020 Commission members represent a wide array of perspectives including the business, government, academic and non-profit sectors. “A Time for Action” was created as a companion to the 2020 Commission’s first report, “A Time for Truth,” which was an honest evaluation of the myriad issues facing Los Angeles, a metropolis coming into its own.

The report does not offer a panacea, but it is the beginning of a process to discuss solutions. Below is a link to the report. I invite you to take the time to read “A Time for Action.” Do the recommendations resonate to you and your community? Are there other approaches that are more effective and efficient in addressing the challenges at hand? As we each have a stake in the future of Los Angeles, we must all be part of this discussion.

Thank you,

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