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Immigrant Family hangs an American flag.UPDATE: More than 2,300 immigrant children have been separated from their parents through the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. The heavy impact of this tragedy has been felt in cities throughout the country, particularly Los Angeles.

All donations to L.A. for All will go to organizations engaged in protecting immigrant families affected by this crisis. These could include access to legal representation for unaccompanied minors, family reunification and critical social services, as well as advocacy, trainings and other services to better understand and stand up against the ongoing policy changes and attacks on our immigrant communities.

Los Angeles County is a symphony of voices, a tapestry of dreams. Whether from Oaxaca or Oklahoma, Philadelphia or Phnom Penh, people migrate here to create better futures for themselves and their families.

The county’s 3.5 million immigrants are a defining part of our identity, our culture and our economy – contributing nearly $233 billion in 2014. In an environment where our immigrant neighbors feel increasingly under threat, the California Community Foundation (CCF) launched the L.A. For All Initiative. CCF is committed to strengthening efforts that expand and protect immigrant rights, increase access to legal services, promote application for citizenship and promote trust between immigrant communities and the media.

L.A. For All is comprehensive and community focused, including partnerships with a wide variety of public and private sector partners. It supports efforts among nonprofit organizations to empower and protect L.A.’s vulnerable immigrant populations.

Nearly 800,000 L.A. County residents are eligible to become U.S. citizens. CCF has partnered with L.A.’s most prominent immigrant rights organizations, elected officials, philanthropic organizations and media companies to educate and encourage eligible Angelenos to apply for citizenship through the ¡Protégete!…¡Ciudadanía Ya! /Protect Yourself! Citizenship Now! and to know their rights through ¡Protégete!…¡Empodérate Ya! /Protect Yourself! Empower Yourself! campaigns. Since 2015, Protégete has helped thousands of Angelenos transform their lives through citizenship and empowerment.

More than two-thirds of people appearing in immigration court do so without legal representation, some as young as three years old. Immigrants who have contributed to their communities for decades now face sudden upheaval and the prospect of family separation. The L.A. Justice Fund, a partnership between Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, the Weingart Foundation and CCF aims to promote justice and preserve families by increasing access to legal representation and counsel to Angelenos facing deportation proceedings.

Fear among immigrant communities about new federal immigration policies has led to a decrease in immigrants reporting crimes to law enforcement, immigrants disenrolling themselves and/or family members from health and safety net programs, and less economic activity among immigrant-serving businesses. These dynamics contribute to an unraveling of immigrant communities’ sense of security and their prospects for socio-economic advancement. Media has a key role to play in educating and helping to integrate immigrant populations with information that enables them to feel more confident about their future and less afraid. At a time when reliable and trustworthy information is critical, media has an opportunity to build trust within immigrant communities.

Everyone benefits when immigrants are able to keep their families safe and contribute to their communities. By supporting L.A. for All, you can help build our county’s shared prosperity by tapping into the passion, entrepreneurship and limitless potential of those who dared to dream.

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