Indonesian Earthquake Relief

Photo by Yan Arief

On August 5, 2018, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, killing more than 430 and forcing 390,000 people from their homes. Initial estimates place the damages at close to $350 million, a figure that could rise considerably once officials are able to make a more detailed assessment.

Blocked roads and a lack of shelter and supplies have severely hampered rescue efforts. The island’s remote northern region was hardest hit by the quake, where 80% of structures have been destroyed. But landslides and debris have made it difficult for rescuers to access many areas.

The people of Lombok face a long and difficult recovery. The organizations listed below provide immediate and long-term relief to residents affected by the earthquake. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

  • Direct Relief is providing support to local organizations working on the ground in Lombok to support earthquake victims.
  • Mercy Corps is delivering urgently-needed supplies and providing shelter support and access to clean water to communities affected by the earthquake.
  • Oxfam is providing water treatment, shelter, clothing and emergency supplies to victims of the earthquake.
  • Hope Worldwide is distributing emergency shelters and supplies and providing physical and mental health services to individuals and families who lost their homes in the earthquake.
  • Americares is working with local partners to assess the health needs of survivors and delivering emergency medicine and relief supplies to affected communities.

When supporting relief organizations, consider marking your gift as general operating support. By doing so, you enable the organization to both respond to current disasters and be prepared for those that may arise in the future.

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