Give to HarnessFounded by America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ryan Piers Williams following the 2016 presidential election, Harness educates, inspires, and activates a community of Cultural Organizers to use the power of storytelling to imagine and create a more equitable world. Our programs and campaigns have catalyzed wide-scale support, prominent media coverage, inclusion in pop culture storylines, and transformative partnerships for leaders from historically disinvested communities.

Projects Managed by Harness

Culture Surge
Culture Surge is a national network led by BIPOC women and comprised of influencers, artists and cultural strategists who can breathe life, hope, and representation into our civic efforts. We believe that artists and culture-makers are the visionary leaders needed to galvanize us towards a future rooted in justice, care, and connection. Culture Surge provides the coordination, resources and direction to maximize the collective impact of cultural influencers, artists, strategists, and movement leaders. Culture Surge is anchored by Harness, Center for Cultural Power, IllumiNative and The League. Learn more about their work at www.culturesurge.com.

Protect The Sacred
Protect The Sacred is a grassroots initiative committed to protecting Navajo culture by slowing the spread of the coronavirus on the Navajo Nation. Through storytelling, youth organizing, civic engagement, and partnerships with high influence artists, media and tech companies, and tribal leaders, PTS has secured thousands of dollars in financial resources and PPE and recruited medical volunteers to meet the urgent needs of the Navajo Nation. PTS is also increasing representation of the public health crisis and systemic disinvestment in Native communities by the federal government in media outlets such as CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, People, The Hollywood Reporter and more. Learn more about their work at www.protectthesacred.care.

Poderistas is a new cultural lifestyle movement enabling Latina women to realize their political influence and lead their communities and the nation forward. This movement is powered by inspiring Latina figures and trusted community leaders with expertise in organizing, politics, and entertainment, including America Ferrera, Eva Longoria, Christy Haubegger (WarnerMedia), Monica Ramirez (Justice for Migrant Women), Stephanie Valencia (Equis Labs), Jess Morales Rocketto (National Domestic Workers Alliance), Carmen Perez (Gathering for Justice), Elsa Collins (This is About Humanity), Alex Kondracke (Latinx House), and Olga Segura (Latinx House). Learn more about their work at www.poderistas.com.

Learn more at www.iwillharness.com or @iwillharness.

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