Guatemalan Volcano Relief

On June 3, 2018, Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego erupted in what is already being called the deadliest volcanic incident in the nation’s history. Nearly 100 deaths have been reported already, with another 200 residents still missing. The explosion blasted a column ash nearly 10 miles high, while fast moving clouds of hot gas and volcanic matter caused major casualties throughout the area. Heavy rainfall during the eruption has led to catastrophic mudflows, further impeding rescue efforts. The disaster has left thousands homeless and nearly 2 million have been affected in some way by the eruption. Throughout the region, dedicated firefighters and paramedics are working valiantly to reach survivors, save homes and identify the dead.

With villages buried in ash and roadways left impassable by mud and lava flows, even assessing the damage will be difficult. For those who have lost families, homes and even the towns in which they lived, recovery will be a long and painful process. We have identified the following organizations engaged in short- and long-term relief efforts:

  • Catholic Relief Services is already providing lifesaving assistance, including food, water and other supplies, within emergency shelters local partner Caritas Escuintla.
  • The Red Cross is on the ground in Guatemala. Emergency response teams from CruzRojaGT, the Guatemalan arm of the organization, are providing medical support and comfort to survivors, while ambulances from three Red Cross branches have been deployed to take wounded people to hospitals in the capital. The Red Cross is working closely with CONRED, Guatemala’s national civil protection authority, and will activate its blood services and Restoring Family Links support—which helps separated family members to reconnect—during the response.
  • World Central Kitchen and #ChefsForGuatemala are preparing meals and delivering supplies to the thousands of individuals and families who have been forced to evacuate their homes. Donations will go to the purchase of food, water and other supplies and help deliver them to those in need.
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