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New Americans Opportunity FundU.S. citizenship is transformative for immigrants and communities. Not only does a naturalized citizen gain the right to vote, they also see an 8-11 percent increase in their income. They enjoy the freedom to travel abroad without restrictions, are protected from deportation and can become engaged members of the community.

There are more than 755,000 immigrants in L.A. County who are eligible to naturalize. Unfortunately, over the past eight years, the number of people applying for citizenship has continuously declined. Several barriers have kept many from applying, including increased fees, fear of the exam and lack of knowledge about the benefits and process.

CCF aims to ensure that immigrants are full participants in the social, economic and civic life of L.A. County to add to our region’s strength and resilience. To achieve this, we are partnering with immigrant rights organizations, major Spanish-language media outlets and the City and County of Los Angeles on an unprecedented campaign. ¡Protégete!…¡Ciudadanía Ya! (Protect Yourself! Citizenship Now!) launched on Nov. 10 and is providing information, workshops and other important resources to help individuals learn about citizenship and naturalize.

To support the New Americans Opportunity Fund in making citizenship a reality for hundreds of thousands of L.A. County residents, visit Your donation will assist with application fees and other critical services.

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