Community Foundation Announces $12.5 Million to L.A. County Nonprofits

LOS ANGELES – June 21, 2013 – California Community Foundation (CCF) has announced $12,536,501 in new grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Los Angeles County. This represents the largest set of approved quarterly grant recommendations for this fiscal year in the foundation’s nearly 100-year history.

A total of nearly $5 million was allocated to arts, education, health care and transition aged youth, focused on the economically disadvantaged in LA County. These grants will provide arts services and opportunities, school readiness and professional development for teachers as well as improved access to high quality, coordinated and sustainable health care. The transition aged youth grants will provide support for the basic needs of youth aged-out of either the child welfare or delinquency systems.

An additional $7 million in grants will support:

  • The successful enrollment of uninsured patients and assist community clinics as they implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA);
  • A citizenship campaign to encourage and assist eligible legal and permanent residents to become citizens;
  • Academic achievement, decision-making skills and self-esteem of South Los Angeles and South Bay youth through the Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow (PAT) initiative; and
  • The Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities Initiative, which aims to preserve and create affordable housing and manage neighborhood change around transit-oriented development.

“As the community foundation of and for Los Angeles, our understanding and appreciation of the needs and strengths of nonprofits in Los Angeles County is deeply rooted in the community,” said California Community Foundation CEO Antonia Hernández.  “CCF is a unique and enduring resource for charitable giving because our commitment to the community is guided by the passions and legacies of our donors.”

In addition to grants, CCF offers technical and management support to nonprofits, convenes nonprofit leaders on issues of importance, has a loan program for qualified nonprofits, and engages in advocacy work with nonprofits primarily focused on the needs of the most vulnerable members of the Los Angeles community.

California Community Foundation (CCF) is a public, charitable organization serving Los Angeles County in multiple capacities since 1915.  It encourages philanthropy by individuals, families, companies and organizations, and serves as a steward of their charitable funds and legacies.  It makes grants to and collaborates with nonprofits to address needs in their communities, with emphasis on the most vulnerable individuals and families.  It convenes and engages with private, public and nonprofit sector partners in community problem solving and advocacy work.  For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook at


June 2013

Program Areas

No. of Grants



Supporting small and mid-size community-based organizations in  increasing arts participation in underserved communities




Expanding parent engagement, school readiness and teacher development



Health Care

Helping economically disadvantaged communities improve access, navigate and utilize high-quality, affordable, coordinated and sustainable health care



Transition Aged Youth

Supporting adults with developmental disabilities and other vulnerable populations in meeting their basic needs




No. of Grants


Affordable Care Act ( Health Care)

One-time initiative to support outreach, enrollment and clinic readiness efforts to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and health care reform for uninsured, low-income and immigrant residents of Los Angeles County



Citizenship Campaign

To encourage eligible legal permanent residents to become citizens and assist them in the process



Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

To help teenagers and young adults brought to the U.S. without immigration authorization before age 16, still under age 30 and either enrolled in school or has a high school diploma to be protected against deportation and provided with work authorization



El Monte CBI

To ensure that children and youth in El Monte grow up healthier and better prepared for school, college and a career



Immigrant Integration

To increase the civic participation of immigrants in L.A. County to improve their quality of life



L.A. Preschool Advocacy Initiative (LAPAI)

To raise public awareness and support for quality early care and preschool education.



Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

To support nonprofits to optimize their capacity and infrastructure



One Los Angeles, One Nation

Supporting civic engagement of the American Muslim community in Los Angeles County



Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow (PAT)

To improve academic achievement, decision-making skills and self-esteem of South Los Angeles and South Bay youth through music, sports and recreation



Smart Growth

To preserve and create affordable housing and manage neighborhood change around transit-oriented development



Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men (BLOOM)

In support of increasing educational and employment opportunities for probation system-involved, Black male youth



Housing and Neighborhoods

In support of Housing and Neighborhoods Program participation in the United Way’s Home for Good funding collaborative




Discretionary Scholarships

To provide students with scholarships and wraparound services so they can complete degrees and certificate programs




Opportunity Fund

For one-time, special grants to explore new opportunities and respond to time-sensitive and pressing needs in Los Angeles



Field of Interest Grant

The Jean Reiffin Miller Fund is a field of interest fund created from a gift from the estate of television and movie actress Jean Reiffin Miller “to support nonprofit organizations addressing spousal and family abuse in the Los Angeles County area.”



 Grand Total



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