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The issues that face Los Angeles are as diverse as the county itself. We Are Los Angeles brings together some of the region’s most innovative artists to communicate and explore the power and promise of these issues and their visions for a better L.A. The images below are artist’s renderings of the angels which will be unveiled at the We Are Los Angeles event on November 12.

Raul Baltazar and Joe Galarza Lili Bernard Guillermo Bert Enrique Castrejon Otha "Vakseen" Davis III Fabian Debora Joel Garcia & Self Help Graphics Gayle Garner Roski Yolanda Gonzalez Jennifer Gutierrez Morgan Zeal Harris Siobhan Hebron Pearl C. Hsiung Sandra Low Jose Lozano Poli Marichal Barry Markowitz Álvaro D. Márquez Dalila Paola Mendez Noni Olabisi Raul B. Pizarro Jose Ramirez Ramon Ramirez Vyal Reyes Victor Rosas Miyo Stevens-Gandara Haruko Tanaka Linda Vallejo Ray Vargas Angel Villanueva J Michael Walker