LASIF Partner: South Central Scholars

South Central ScholarsSo much attention is placed on college admission, but what happens next? South Central Scholars (SCS) staff found themselves asking that question as their students entered college. Time after time, these students struggled in that crucial first semester, unable to persist in competitive fields. Many low-income, first-generation college students dropped out of their intended majors, abandoning career paths they were passionate about because they lacked the necessary writing, critical thinking and math preparation.

To address this issue, SCS launched its Summer Academy to prepare high school seniors and college freshmen for the college-level English and mathematics courses they need to succeed. A full-time, seven-week program, Summer Academy is taught by University of Southern California professors and teaching assistants.

The results are clear. Not only do SCS students persist and complete college, they flourish in even the most difficult academic areas.

“We’ve seen hundreds of L.A. students benefit from the Summer Academy program,” said SCS Executive Director Joey Shanahan. “Our focus on college-level courses taught by high quality professors allows students to excel in rigorous coursework, persist in a demanding major and stay on the path toward graduation.”

By helping low-income students overcome the challenges of higher education, SCS ensures a future in which all of L.A. County can benefit from the talents of a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

To learn more about how South Central Scholars and other LASIF partners are helping students succeed in college, visit

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