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by Antonia Hernández
President & CEO, California Community Foundation

For more than a century, the California Community Foundation (CCF) has partnered with professional advisors to produce the most favorable outcomes for their clients while producing the greatest possible charitable impact. Every day, we see the vital role advisors play in creating gifts that change the lives of people in Los Angeles and around the world.
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Helping your business growplant comp

by William D. Strickland, J.D., C.S.P.G.

Your clients depend on your experience and expertise to preserve and grow assets and safeguard their legacies. But how do you maintain and grow your own book of business? You can achieve that goal by providing the competent and objective counsel your clients and prospects need to address all of their concerns and goals.
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Creating a “safe zone” with family philanthropyFamily Philanthropy

by Bruce DeBoskey

Family philanthropy can be an important and safe area in which to commence a family conversation about money and values — creating new and effective rules of engagement that carry over into other family matters. Here’s how.
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Tech EntrepreneursPhilanthropy and the tech entrepreneur: three smart ways to use your wealth for maximum social impact

by Anthony Glomski

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to give away $45 billion during his lifetime is the biggest in a growing movement among young tech entrepreneurs, many Millennials and Gen Xers, to use their wealth as a force for social good. Most want to start making a difference as soon as possible, and we have the opportunity to help them determine which of the many charitable giving options is right for them.
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Personalized philanthropy: fixing the flaw in your business modelBusiness Model

by Steven L. Meyers, PhD.

There is a basic, but rarely acknowledged truth when it comes to gift planning: the deck is stacked against a financial advisor whose clients want to be philanthropic — especially during their lifetimes. Advisors implicitly have to set a balance between serving a client’s desire to be charitable and serving their own model of retaining assets under management. Is there a way to redress any imbalance that might result? I think so and there’s a growing cadre of advisors, gift planners, and donors who agree.
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