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CCF News: Fall 2019

In Los Angeles and around the world, CCF and our donors are making an impact. Discover how we’re partnering to transform lives and futures in South L.A., protect vital services by ensuring an accurate census count and much more in our Fall 2019 newsletter.

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CCF News Fall 2019 – Looking Back on BLOOM

Studies show that attaining a high school diploma reduces the chance of incarceration by 87 percent. That’s why CCF launched BLOOM (Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men), which helped more than 800 young Black men onto positive paths so they can succeed in college, careers and life.

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$7.1 Million Awarded to 49 Nonprofit Organizations to Provide Community-Based Youth Development Services

The public-private partnership between L.A. County Probation, Liberty Hill Foundation and the California Community Foundation has awarded $7.1 million to 49 L.A. based nonprofits providing community-based youth development services. The initiative is called Ready to Rise: Expanding Opportunities for All L.A. County Youth.

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Application Process Opens to Provide Community-Based Youth Development Services

A new grant opportunity to support and expand local youth development services and programs centered on healing, learning, and opportunity in high need areas across Los Angeles County opened today. This collaboration will expand opportunities and resources for programs that keep youth out of the criminal justice system and help those in the system successfully transition back into the community.

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Los Angeles County Poised to Provide Additional Community-based Services for Youth Diversion and Development in History-making Partnership

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday approved a historic Public/Private Partnership between the Los Angeles County Probation Department and two of the area’s leading grant-makers—the Liberty Hill Foundation and the California Community Foundation. This landmark collaboration will dramatically increase services and opportunities delivered by local community-based organizations to youth currently in the probation […]

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CCF News Fall 2016: Planting a Better Future for All Angelenos

When BLOOMers like Zakeer succeed, everyone benefits. The work of BLOOM and our partners Brotherhood Crusade and Social Justice Learning Institute are crucial to realizing the promise of our young Black men. The amount of money our state spends annually on prisons would pay for a CSU education for every single graduating senior in California.

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CCF News Fall 2016: Social Justice Learning Institute

When Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza wanted to move the cause of educational equity for young Black men forward, he started by looking back. He founded the Black Male Youth Academy at his alma mater, Inglewood’s Morningside High School, to help young men of color break cycles of recidivism and create opportunities for academic achievement.

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CCF News Fall 2016: BLOOMer Spotlight – Zakeer, BLOOM Alumnus & College Student

I wound up on probation for three or four months. It was my first offense. Looking back, it was a blessing, because it opened me up to BLOOM. It’s changing me for the better. I started off at Social Justice Learning Institute’s Black Male Youth Academy, and BLOOM is like a family. All the doors […]

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CCF News Fall 2016: Brotherhood Crusade

Mykol Lewis is making a difference and sowing seeds among young men in an effort to build a stronger South L.A. This belief in making our communities better is the trademark of Brotherhood Crusade.

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CCF News Fall 2016: BLOOM Impact 2015-16

When we believe in, invest in and support our young men, they will thrive. By doubling down on our focus on high school completion and reducing recidivism, youth participating in BLOOM saw improved outcomes in school and were better able to complete the terms of their probation and separate themselves from the system.

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CCF News Fall 2016: Investing in L.A.’s Black Male Youth

Though they are only 10 percent of all L.A. young people, Black youth make up nearly a third of all youth on probation. And once in the system, it is hard to get out, with more than 80 percent facing re-arrest within three years. We are losing out on countless innovators and entrepreneurs – a […]

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CCF News Fall 2016: BLOOM

We are facing a crisis of potential, and nowhere is hit harder than South Los Angeles. Young black men who drop out of high school face a 90 percent chance of incarceration, but a diploma reduces that to 12 percent. Learn how CCF’s BLOOM initiative is helping young Black men in South L.A. onto positive […]

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California Community Foundation Awards $5.1 Million to Build a Stronger Los Angeles County

LOS ANGELES – April 11, 2016 – The California Community Foundation (CCF) has awarded $5,130,787 through 52 grants to Los Angeles County nonprofit organizations working to address pressing needs and improve the lives of Los Angeles County residents. CCF’s grants this quarter include $1,435,000 to provide critical support to immigrant rights organizations working to defend […]

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BLOOM Fact Sheet

CCF launched BLOOM (Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men) to help who young Black men who are or are at risk of becoming involved the juvenile justice system onto positive paths towards success. Since 2012, BLOOM’s combination of mentorship, character development and specially-tailored programming has helped nearly 1,000 young men succeed in high school, higher education and life.

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California Community Foundation Selected by Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers Fund Grant Program to Accelerate Economic Opportunity

CCF Joins Leading Nonprofit Organizations Across the United States to Address Urban Challenges  LOS ANGELES – MAY 18, 2016 – The California Community Foundation (CCF) announced today that it has been selected as a recipient of the Community Progress Makers Fund, a $500,000 grant over the course of two years to continue the foundation’s work in […]

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Where do we go From Here? Philanthropic Support For Black Men and Boys

By Seema Shah Director and Grace Sato, The Foundation Center

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CCF Advisor News: Fall 2011

Advisor Spotlight: Gary Edelstone, Converting a Private Foundation, Ernest Lieblich Foundation, Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles, Pass it Along, Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow

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CCF News: Fall 2011

Pass it Along, Charitable Gift Annuities, Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow, Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles’ Community Foundation Announces Bold, New Initiative For Black Male Youth

CCF has announced a five-year, multi-million dollar investment in the future of Black male youth…

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