Youth Empowerment

Angelrock Project Foundation

The Angelrock Project Foundation supports global programs for women and underserved youth from low socio-economic backgrounds in the U.S. and abroad, with a particular focus in South Africa. In particular, the foundation sponsors Journey for Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service, a volunteer and educational program for youth from Brooklyn, N.Y. that begins with a […]

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Belkin Charitable Donation Fund

The Belkin Charitable Donation Fund supports local organizations providing essential services to youth and families in greater Los Angeles. This includes organizations such as: CFY LA (formerly Computers for Youth) provides low income students, their families and their schools with computers, training in using digital tools to expand learning time, and a powerful online learning […]

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California Youth Connection

California Youth Connection (CYC) builds foster youth’s leadership and advocacy skills to improve California’s foster care system by promoting opportunities for foster youth to speak with policymakers and engaging youth in policy development. As the the only organization in California to engage foster youth in the policy-making process, CYC is now a national model. Every […]

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County Fund for Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles is committed to supporting the community during the health and economic crisis created by COVID-19. To meet this growing need, the Board of Supervisors, led by Chair Supervisor Kathryn Barger, created the County Fund for Los Angeles to enable individuals and private entities to donate funds to support residents and […]

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Dr. Barbara Sugland Foundation

The Dr. Barbara Sugland Foundation (DRBSF) reflects a collective vision for ensuring a better life for young people and women, especially those who are most marginalized. The foundation supports innovative solutions that connect young people, address their families, their communities, youth service organizations, and disparities in women’s health care. The foundation looks forward to the […]

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Eric’s Kids

About Us – What We Do: Eric’s Kids provides scholarships and grief support to at-risk children who have experienced the death of a parent. We ensure underserved kids affected by loss are provided a quality education and grief support so they will have an equal opportunity to succeed. The fund works primarily with the Catholic […]

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Ernest Lieblich Foundation

Ernest Lieblich was an avid supporter of children and the arts for many decades. His contributions over the years supported diverse organizations dedicated to providing children with the tools of self-expression through music and art. Continue Ernest’s support of organizations providing much-needed services to those in need by contributing to his fund. About Ernest Lieblich […]

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Eva Longoria Fund

The Eva Longoria Fund (ELF) was established at CCF in 2010 by actress, activist and philanthropist Eva Longoria. This fund has been established primarily for, but not limited to, two charitable causes: children and the Latino community. First, ELF strives to support and foster awareness for children of all ethnic and racial backgrounds suffering from […]

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Gibson International Charitable Foundation

About Gibson International Charitable Foundation “The Gibson International Charitable Foundation strives to make the communities we serve into better places to live through active involvement and financial support for local organizations in need.” This is our mission statement and all of the agents at Gibson International have opened their hearts and embraced its message. Throughout […]

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Hugh O’Brian Legacy Fund

Nearly 60 years ago, after an inspirational nine day visit with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, legendary actor Hugh O’Brian created HOBY.  Hugh dedicated his life to the vision of a world in which young leaders make a difference in the lives of others through leadership, service and innovation.  As of summer of 2014, Hugh and HOBY […]

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Jamie Foxx Foundation

Mission The Jamie Foxx Foundation provides for the health, education, and welfare of children throughout the world, including housing, and HIV/AIDS issues in Africa and Haiti. Purpose To facilitate literacy and adoption programs as well as exposure to music, comedy, and the arts for children of all ages. The Jamie Foxx Foundation is administered by […]

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Jason Mraz Foundation

The Jason Mraz Foundation helps sustain organizations aligned with Jason’s pillars of service: HUMAN EQUALITY  Free The Slaves: Liberating slaves around the world, helping them rebuild their lives, and researching real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever. True Colors Fund: Seeks to inspire and engage everyone, particularly the straight community, to become active participants in the […]

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Jennifer Taylor Honick Foundation for Humanity

The Jennifer Taylor Honick Foundation was established as a celebration of Jenny’s life and many accomplishments. The mission of the foundation is to enhance the quality of life for disabled and at-risk youth through educational and social experiences, enriching their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

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Joseph A. Cristina HIV/AIDS Children’s Fund

Mattel and the Mattel Children’s Foundation created the Joseph Cristina Children’s HIV/AIDS Fund to make a difference in the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS in the United States by helping to meet their diverse needs, educating and advocating on their behalf, and bringing joy and fun into their lives. Exclusively endowed by the Mattel Children’s […]

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Manadoob Foundation

News stories recount the tragic effects of bullying.  Childhood obesity is becoming a national epidemic.  Children are often separated from parents due to divorce or death. In many cases, they are left to deal with emotional issues like these on their own.  Self-esteem can be described as the degree to which children feel accepted and […]

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Noah Almeida Mack Foundation for Mental Health Education and Research

Approximately 2.6% of Americans, 18 and older, suffer from bipolar disorder in a given year. The average age for the first manic episode onset is during the early 20s. Additionally, 1% will suffer from schizophrenia with most cases appearing in men during their late teens to early 20’s. In women, schizophrenia will appear in the […]

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Pi Alpha Phi Alumni Scholarship Fund

Established at the California Community Foundation in 2007, the Pi Alpha Phi Alumni Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate members’ academic, personal and leadership development. By investing in the Pi Alpha Phi, individuals invest in the future of men’s leadership in the community and across the country. Learn more about the alumni group. To make a secure […]

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Sherry Jackson Foundation

Sherry Gordy, the daughter of Motown founder, Berry Gordy, created the Sherry Jackson Foundation in 2004 to assist underprivileged youth and young adults. Gordy, the mother of two sons, grew up in Southern California and is a businesswoman in the mortgage and real estate industries. She turned her energies and life experiences toward the exploration […]

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Special Needs Fund

There are about 50,000 children in the foster care system in Los Angeles, most of whom have few, if any, financial resources. These children are eligible for financial assistance for special needs through the Special Needs Fund. This fund was established in 2000 at the California Community Foundation to meet “special needs” — vital components […]

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The Claypool Family Charitable Foundation

Bill Claypool has always had a heart for children; a heart of generosity, compassion and kindness. Bill and his wife of 29 years, Lisa, share a passion for children’s well-being. While raising their own five children (including their adopted son, Jonathan), over the years Bill and Lisa have participated in local church children’s programs, hosted […]

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The Ruby & Hart Foundation

Beautiful Friends and Extended Community, June 12th, 2023 marks the fourth anniversary since a drunk driver took our precious Ruby and Hart from us. Since those horrific, earliest days we’ve been searching for the best way to honor their legacies of joy, empathy, and kindness through some form of lasting philanthropy. We’ve come to realize […]

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With You Foundation

Founded in 2019, the With You Foundation (WYF) is the passion project of Ebrahim (Ebi) and Mahshid Hamedi. For more than 50 years, Ebi has been the outspoken voice of a nation, inspiring millions of fans through his music. As Ebi and his oeuvre are banned from Iran (like countless other exiled Iranians and artforms), […]

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