Women and Girls

Brenda Berman Family Foundation

Brenda Berman was a mother, philanthropist and selfless friend to many around the world. Whether living in New Zealand, Australia, Silicon Valley or Southern California, her life was dedicated to helping others – no matter their age, creed or culture. Mission Brenda had several interests throughout her dynamic life: Her concern for the environmental protection […]

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Gibson International Charitable Foundation

About Gibson International Charitable Foundation “The Gibson International Charitable Foundation strives to make the communities we serve into better places to live through active involvement and financial support for local organizations in need.” This is our mission statement and all of the agents at Gibson International have opened their hearts and embraced its message. Throughout […]

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SAM Initiative (Sustainability, Accountability, Movement)

The mission of the SAM Initiative is to inspire and serve as a catalyst to improve the lives of women, children and families in Los Angeles through expanded, engaged philanthropy. The goal is to increase the pool of donors in Los Angeles who contribute to Sustainable and Accountable organizations, growing the Movement for social change. […]

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The California Black Women and Girls Social and Economic Impact

The California Black Women and Girls Social and Economic Impact Fund addresses the need to improve Black Women’s and girls’ lives by supporting organizations, communities, efforts, and initiatives that work to close equity and disparity gaps specifically for Black Women and girls.

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what matters is not how we differ, but what we share

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