Evan Ashcraft Memorial Fund

Army Sgt. Evan Asa Ashcraft , 24, an infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division, was one of three soldiers killed in Iraq on July 24, 2003 when the convoy in which he was traveling was attacked by gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades. Ashcraft’s Division was the first to enter Iraq. For his exemplary military service and […]

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Gibson International Charitable Foundation

About Gibson International Charitable Foundation “The Gibson International Charitable Foundation strives to make the communities we serve into better places to live through active involvement and financial support for local organizations in need.” This is our mission statement and all of the agents at Gibson International have opened their hearts and embraced its message. Throughout […]

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Tag You’re It! Foundation

Just For Laughs’ Stand Up Comedian of the Year Sebastian Maniscalco and his wife Lana Gomez set up the Tag You’re It! Foundation as a way to directly support the causes close to their heart. The fund, set up with CCF in 2016, supports U.S. veterans, Alzheimer’s disease and children’s education on a local and […]

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John Ondrasik of the band Five For Fighting launched a charity-driven Web site in 2007,, the first music video community site that raises money for charitable organizations. Visitors to the site can contribute by making and posting a video for the Five For Fighting song, “World,” or by watching videos on the site. The […]

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WorkingNation is a national fund that uses storytelling and original content to help shift the overwhelming ‘economic panic’ narrative around the future of work, to one that is purposeful and will ignite action. We do this by highlighting what works, calling out blocks to progress, and bridging the gaps between sectors.

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