Brenda Berman Family Foundation

Brenda Berman was a mother, philanthropist and selfless friend to many around the world. Whether living in New Zealand, Australia, Silicon Valley or Southern California, her life was dedicated to helping others – no matter their age, creed or culture. Mission Brenda had several interests throughout her dynamic life: Her concern for the environmental protection […]

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Chado North America Program Fund

Chado – the Way of Tea is characterized as the very essence of Japanese culture encompassing various artistic disciplines including ceramics, architecture, garden design, and literature, as well as the spiritual practices that go into the formation of one’s character. This Japanese tradition, based on the principles of “harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility”, was established […]

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Croeni Foundation

Croeni Foundation was established in early 2015 by serial entrepreneur-turned-philanthropist Jan Croeni, after sales and IPO of his companies. Our vision is a truly harmonic, compassionate and livable world, in which biodiversity is appreciated and protected, and in which all humans and animals enjoy well-being and health throughout their whole lives.

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Gibson International Charitable Foundation

About Gibson International Charitable Foundation “The Gibson International Charitable Foundation strives to make the communities we serve into better places to live through active involvement and financial support for local organizations in need.” This is our mission statement and all of the agents at Gibson International have opened their hearts and embraced its message. Throughout […]

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Jason Mraz Foundation

The Jason Mraz Foundation helps sustain organizations aligned with Jason’s pillars of service: HUMAN EQUALITY  Free The Slaves: Liberating slaves around the world, helping them rebuild their lives, and researching real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever. True Colors Fund: Seeks to inspire and engage everyone, particularly the straight community, to become active participants in the […]

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Noya Fields Family Fund

The Noya Fields Family Fund provides grants and works to build partnerships with organizations to produce tangible results. Established by Ken Fields and Nikki Noya Fields to compliment and support a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, the fund is focused, but by no means exclusively, around two of the most pressing issues of today, the […]

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Robert K. Wrede Memorial Fund

In Support Of Ocean Conservation, Music and Military/Veterans   Robert K. Wrede, Esq. (Bob to friends and Rob to family) was passionate about music, the ocean and veterans. He reveled in telling stories about attending the Metropolitan Opera as a boy and knew the libretto of every major work. He surfed, kayaked and dove the […]

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The Gottlieb Native Garden Foundation

Donate Now Susan Gottlieb is pleased to announce the formation of The Gottlieb Native Garden Foundation, a tribute to the enduring legacy of Dan Gottlieb, who passed away in January of 2024. This Foundation is a testament to Dan’s profound appreciation for the geology and natural history of California, and Susan’s deep affinity for its […]

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