Basic Needs

Belkin Charitable Donation Fund

The Belkin Charitable Donation Fund supports local organizations providing essential services to youth and families in greater Los Angeles. This includes organizations such as: CFY LA (formerly Computers for Youth) provides low income students, their families and their schools with computers, training in using digital tools to expand learning time, and a powerful online learning […]

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COVID-19 LA County Response Fund Grants $1.7 Million to Address the Immediate Needs of the Most Vulnerable

California Community Foundation’s First Round of 70 Grants Focuses on the Needs of Youth, Homeless, Immigrants, Uninsured and Under Insured. LOS ANGELES – The California Community Foundation’s (CCF) COVID-19 LA County Response Fund grants $1.7 million to respond to the immediate and emerging needs of our region’s most vulnerable residents. CCF continues to monitor the […]

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Future of L.A. Fund

The needs of Los Angeles County are complex and constantly evolving. Future generations will face problems that can’t possibly be anticipated today, and issues that now seem insurmountable may no longer affect L.A. residents. Built over a century by visionary donors who understand that community needs change over time, the Future of L.A. Fund allows […]

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Gibson International Charitable Foundation

About Gibson International Charitable Foundation “The Gibson International Charitable Foundation strives to make the communities we serve into better places to live through active involvement and financial support for local organizations in need.” This is our mission statement and all of the agents at Gibson International have opened their hearts and embraced its message. Throughout […]

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Korean American Foundation

We, as Korean Americans living in this great nation, have been enormously blessed. Because of our core values and principles, we desire to give back to our community to help the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society. While our philanthropic interest is inclusive of all peoples, we have a particular interest in the […]

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The Muslim and Jewish Organized Relief (MAJOR) Fund believes that now, more than ever, bridges need to be built not only between the Muslim and Jewish communities in the United States, but among all communities of faith. Under no circumstances should decisions regarding immigration or any rights and privileges granted to citizens of or visitors […]

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Pass It Along Fund

One act of kindness, when it’s needed most The Pass It Along Fund was established at CCF by anonymous donors in the true spirit of philanthropy: to help Angelenos in moments of critical need without expecting anything in return. The original donors required that 100 percent of the money go directly to assist recipients within […]

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Special Needs Fund

There are about 50,000 children in the foster care system in Los Angeles, most of whom have few, if any, financial resources. These children are eligible for financial assistance for special needs through the Special Needs Fund. This fund was established in 2000 at the California Community Foundation to meet “special needs” — vital components […]

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We are Santa Monica

The Santa Monica COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide critically needed funds to organizations to help them obtain necessary sanitation and medical supplies, provide food to those experiencing food insecurity, and support volunteer relief efforts.

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