Help Syrians Displaced by Civil War

Since the brutal conflict in Syria began more than five years ago, more than 300,000 lives have been lost. At least 13.5 million people have been affected by the conflict, including 6.1 million people internally displaced from their homes. Recent attacks in Aleppo have left millions fleeing for their lives and UNICEF estimates at least 50 percent of the displaced are children.

Please consider donating to one of these organizations helping Syrians still in the country and refugees in the region:

  1. UNICEF has been on the ground since the conflict began, helping to mobilize the largest humanitarian operation in history and working closely with partners to provide education, water, health care and immunizations, physical protection, psychological support and clothing to children in Syria and Syrian refugee children in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and other countries.
  1. Catholic Relief Services is providing life-saving assistance to Syrian refugees across the Middle East and Europe.
  1. International Medical Corps delivers primary care, distributes medicines and critical supplies and provides mental health services to those in need.
  1. Save the Children is on the ground in Syria, and is helping refugee communities throughout the region, providing Syrian children and their families with emergency care, shelters, protection, clean water and warm clothes.
  1. Oxfam is helping more than 2 million people in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon with life-saving clean water, sanitation and vital support for families who have lost everything. Oxfam is also helping families get the information they need about their legal and human rights and connecting them to medical, legal and support services.


Photo by Chris Martin:

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