“It is in our most dire moments that we forge our strongest bonds.”

On November 8, 2018, three of California’s worst wildfires sprang into being. In Butte County, the Camp Fire took 85 lives, destroyed close to 19,000 structures and wiped whole towns off the map. Closer to home, the Hill and Woolsey Fires set more than 100,000 acres ablaze and forced 300,000 from their homes. The damage was unprecedented, but so was what came next.

More than 22,000 donors shared their kindness, hope and resources through CCF’s Wildfire Relief Fund. Huge corporations and small, mom-and-pop businesses, big celebrities and little children all joined forces to help, allowing us to grant $17 million to organizations serving the communities affected by the fires. These grants covered not just immediate needs, but long-term recovery that patches the social safety net for the most vulnerable communities.

We could not have made this kind of long-term, generational impact without the astounding kindness and community spirit of our donors who have made permanent contributions to L.A. County. Their dreams, commitment and hope allow CCF to make long-term investments in major issues like housing, education, immigration and health, while being able to respond to emerging opportunities and pressing needs, like the wildfires. 

For over a century, the California Community Foundation has helped donors turn their generosity into lasting, meaningful change. Their gifts have transformed lives here at home and in every corner of the globe, building positive futures for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families. Donors guide every dollar we grant, and their legacies will continue to change lives in this century and the next.

We are the fabric of Los Angeles, and together there is no problem we can’t solve when we wrap our communities with generosity, passion and dedication. 

I offer my heartfelt thanks to our donors, advisors, nonprofits, community leaders and public and private sector partners. Thank you for your resolve to create a better future for our children and grandchildren. We are building Los Angeles together.

Patrick T. Dowling