“Like woven tapestries, communities are resilient.”

Both can adapt in diverse situations. Both transcend the strength of their many separate parts. For communities, it is individuals and institutions who combine to form strategic bonds. When communities come together, we can do more than what could have been done alone. Resilience emerges from our collective strength.

The California Community Foundation’s mission is to lead positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles communities. Our century of experience teaches us that real, lasting systemic change requires collaboration across all sectors. These partnerships are critical parts of our current and future work. Together we are taking innovations to scale, learning from each other and ultimately providing quality services and resources to more people in need.

Each story in this year’s annual report highlights how a partnership between the public and private sectors is addressing persistent community challenges in CCF’s four impact areas: health, housing, education and immigration.

The nonprofits, donors and public institutions featured are all different, as are their approaches; however, all these stories illustrate four essential qualities of successful public-private partnerships:

Courage to trust, regardless of our differences
Openness to learn, in spite of our assuredness
Commitment to the long run, even in the face of criticism
Flexibility to pivot, when patience runs thin

In this report, you will see how the California Community Foundation and our partners worked in, with and for the community, taking on the region’s most pressing challenges. I invite you to learn more about our work, our partners and our stewardship of charitable funds.

Join with us in making an impact and building Los Angeles together.

Antonia Hernández
President & Chief Executive Officer