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Financial Report

  • For the second year in a row, the California Community Foundation’s assets reached an all-time high. Assets were $1.75 billion as of June 30, 2018. Total assets increased by $70 million over the fiscal year, thanks to generous contributions of $294 million and investment returns of $94 million.

We granted $242 million to charities in Los Angeles County and elsewhere, demonstrating our donors’ strong commitment to making meaningful change in our community through charitable giving. We are encouraged by the robust donor giving to Los Angeles communities, especially in our priority areas of education, health, housing and immigration. More than 60 percent of all grants this year supported L.A. County.

Our highly regarded Board of Directors works diligently in overseeing financial controls and guiding our priorities. Board Committees work throughout the year directing activities from financial reporting and risk management to investment policies and long-term financial planning. Our expert staff are committed to service and efficiency, working to maximize the impact of our donors’ charitable contributions. And our expert professional partners, including Meketa Investment Group, KPMG, partner banks and investment managers are instrumental in our effective stewardship of funds.

Thank you to our donors for entrusting us with your charitable dollars. We are committed to transparency and accountability, just as we are driven by our mission to transform our community for the better. We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding our financial activities. Thank you for continuing to choose CCF as your partner to accomplish your philanthropic goals.

Steven J. Cobb Chief Financial Officer
Todd Yuba Vice President, Finance


This year, CCF received $294 million in contributions, raising assets to $1.75 billion, while we and our donors made $242 million in grants.

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CCF’s Endowment Pool returned 8.3% in fiscal year 2018, exceeding its benchmark of 7.3%.

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