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Assets, Contributions & Grants

Strong contributions and a favorable market environment led to a $70 million increase in assets from June 30, 2017, reaching an all-time high of $1.75 billion. Our asset portfolio is divided into four categories that reflect the many types of partnerships between the California Community Foundation and our donors: Permanent Discretionary Funds, Donor Advised Funds, Permanent Restricted Funds and Other Funds.

Overview of Assets(in thousands)

Permanent Discretionary Funds

are permanent gifts entrusted to CCF by individuals, families and organizations who understand the flexibility offered by unrestricted gifts. They allow CCF to adapt grantmaking to the evolving needs of Los Angeles for generations to come. These assets represented $521 million, 30 percent of our total assets.

Donor Advised Funds

are donor-directed charitable funds or foundations started by donors who choose CCF to help them realize their philanthropic visions and goals. These funds accounted for $728 million, 42 percent of our total assets.

Permanent Restricted Funds

are donor-designated funds for use at a specific organization through a legacy or a bequest. These assets made up $139 million, 8 percent of our total assets.

Other Funds

include private foundation alternatives, regional affiliates, trusts, community benefit funds and charitable gift annuities, among others, and constituted $358 million, 20 percent of our total assets.

Overview of Contributions(in thousands)

$294 Million in Charitable Contributions

This year, the generosity and dedication of CCF’s donors and partners led to $294 million in charitable contributions. Permanent Discretionary Fund contributions rose more than 560 percent to nearly $6.3 million, while donors and their advisors helped us reach more than $167 million in Donor Advised Fund contributions.

Overview of Grants(in thousands)

$242 Million in Grants

This year, CCF made nearly 9,000 grants totaling more than $242 million, a 35 percent increase over the last fiscal year. This growth was driven by Donor Advised Fund grants, which rose by 27 percent to $171 million, while Other Fund grants more than doubled to $45 million. Grants to Los Angeles County nonprofits nearly doubled to $156 million, or 64 percent of total grants.

Financial Statements*
California Community Foundation and affiliates, consolidated (in thousands)

The California Community Foundation maintains operating expenses at less than one percent of assets. We are committed to efficiency in order to maximize the impact of our donors’ charitable contributions.

*CCF works with an independent public accounting firm to perform an audit of its records and financial statements. A full copy of the audited financial statements is available online at or by calling 213.413.4130. These abbreviated financial reports are unaudited.


Discretionary Grants by Impact Area(in thousands)

Every year, we and our donors help transform tens of thousands of lives In Los Angeles County and around the world. We are proud to achieve this impact while remaining committed to efficient and effective service, managing more than 1,700 charitable funds while maintaining overhead expenses at less than one percent of assets. The charts below provide a snapshot of grants for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018. Discretionary grants depicted include grants from Permanent Discretionary Funds as well as certain other grants made at the discretion of CCF.

Geographic Distribution of Grants(in thousands)

Grant totals include adjustments to grants approved in prior years and grants made between funds at CCF.

LA County Grant Distribution(in thousands)


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