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Jean Kim-Wall, Director, Wealth Strategist, Merrill Lynch

Advisor Services

Between ever-changing tax laws, difficult financial decisions and complex family dynamics, estate planning can seem intimidating. But to Wealth Strategist Jean Kim-Wall, it all comes down to something simple. “I get to help families plan for their wealth and their loved ones.”

As a director of the Strategic Wealth Advisory Group of Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group, Jean understands that helping clients plan for their family’s financial future means asking the big questions: What do you value? Who do you love? Where do your passions lie?

It’s an honor to help people plan for the things they’ve spent their entire lives caring about and nurturing.
Jean Kim-Wall Director, Wealth Strategist Merrill Lynch

“CCF has been incredibly helpful with assisting my clients in achieving their charitable goals.”

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Donating assets like real estate, closely-held stock or intellectual property requires a partner who understands the complicated regulations and requirements involved. Clients who wish to contribute complex assets through a public charity like CCF also receive more favorable tax treatment than they can get from a private foundation. “Working with CCF allows me to avoid any potential landmines, minimize tax liability and ensure my clients can make the greatest possible impact on the organizations they care about most.”

For more than a century, CCF has partnered with professional advisors like Jean to create tailored, efficient and effective solutions designed to meet the specific needs of their clients. By giving through a CCF Donor Advised Fund, clients gain the benefits of a private foundation while CCF handles the onerous administrative and regulatory tasks.

Unlike a private foundation, CCF Donor Advised Funds allow clients to make grants on their own timeline, with no minimum annual percentage. And through our Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP), clients can access CCF’s giving expertise while retaining their trusted investment advisor.

“CCF is so great and responsive in working through the entire giving process from start to finish. The due diligence they undertake has been tremendously helpful,” Jean said.

To Jean, there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone to make a real difference in the lives of their loved ones and their communities. It’s a passion that lies at the core of everything she does. “I feel so lucky for all the opportunities I’ve been given,” Jean said. “I want to pass them along to someone else in need.”

CCF Client Services

  • Recommending their investment advisor for management of their CCF fund through ChAMP
  • Establishing or refining individually-tailored giving plans
  • Custom research on local, national or international charities
  • Meetings with community leaders and visits to charities
  • Engaging family members in giving
  • Identifying emerging giving opportunities
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Access to a team of charitable giving experts
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