Centennial Legacy Campaign

Los Angeles County may change over time, but the generosity of Angelenos will always be here. Just ask Centennial Legacy Campaign member Rosalyn S. Heyman, whose legacy will help L.A.’s brightest high school students become great leaders, or George Manet, who will support artists and ensure that all Angelenos have the opportunity to experience cultural events.

The Centennial Legacy Campaign consists of 130 members who seek to transform the lives of Angelenos, through the next century and beyond. By committing part of their estates to create permanent gifts to Los Angeles, they ensure that their children, grandchildren and generations to come will benefit from their passion and generosity. Since its launch in 2012, members have pledged more than $130 million to create a better future for L.A. residents.

By entrusting their gifts to the California Community Foundation, Centennial Legacy Campaign members have a philanthropic partner who will uphold their intentions and adapt to changing needs and circumstances, in perpetuity.

Los Angeles County is a very different place than it was when the California Community Foundation was founded in 1915, and the L.A. of 2115 will be more different still. What won’t change, however, is the impact made by members like Marjy and Richard Horton, whose legacy will support environmental causes and scholarships for medical students, or John A. Jackson, whose gift will fund education and foster greater understanding among L.A.’s diverse communities.

We are grateful to every member of the Centennial Legacy Campaign. Your generosity, foresight and dedication to uplifting your neighbors and communities embody the true meaning of philanthropy. At its purest, a gift is a moment of shared joy. Thanks to your commitment, the joy you create will last forever.

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California Community Foundation – 2017 Annual Report