Preparing Achievers For Tomorrow

Preparing Achievers for TomorrowPreparing Achievers for Tomorrow (PAT) sought to create a brighter future for the youth of South Los Angeles and the South Bay by improving academic achievement, decision-making skills and self-esteem through sports, music and recreation. PAT was a five-year project made possible by a $12.5 million legacy gift from an anonymous donor whose life was devoted to helping others and who valued the opportunities that music and athletics can provide young people.

From its launch in 2011 to its conclusion in 2016, PAT gave more than $8.5 million to a diverse spectrum of organizations dedicated to transforming young lives and shaping the next generation of leaders and scholars. Through music, surfing, poetry, performing arts, soccer, flight instruction and more, PAT’s partners transformed the lives of young people and worked to build the capacity of nonprofits in South Los Angeles and the South Bay to ensure these programs continue to impact children for generations to come.

For more information, visit the Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow resource library

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